The Three Stars? On life support

You may have noticed a lack of postgame blogging the last few days. My intent with this blog — pre-game, during game, or postgame, has been to provide you with extra content that I couldn’t get into my stories and notebooks on

I felt the “Three Stars,” besides being a homage to my second-favorite sport of hockey, was a way to analyze the games without having the same angle as my main site coverage. I wanted it to add more depth to what you already read but lately, I feel like it’s been redundant.

So for now, the “Three Stars” are on hiatus. I’m not sure how many of you really liked it anyway or will miss it. I’m suspecting not a ton.

I will continue to postgame blog when it’s appropriate — more so on weeknights and less on the weekends. I will also try to think of new and improved ways to give you the Reds analysis you rightly deserve.

Thanks very much, as always, for reading.


I hope you don’t quit the 3 stars, as I miss Nuxall with his “star of the game”, I look forward to your 3 stars of the game. Your knowledge of the Reds is far beyond mine & most of your followers, I always look forward to your blog

Actually, I enjoyed your 3 Stars as much as the website. Love your insite. Only wished I had commented favorably before!

I enjoy the three stars. While I don’t always agree, I like your perspective and knowledgeable insights. Thanks.

Mark, I’m disappointed that you’re omitting the three stars of the game. I don’t always have time to read your main coverage and the three stars tell me a lot. Coleman R. Walker Lebanon, TN

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The Three Stars was my favorite part of your blog. I checked your site everyday to see if I could predict the three stars that you chose.

Mark, your 3 stars are a super quick look at the previous game. I any event, I appreciate what you do/write. Neb

All right i’ll post. I never have and probably never will again, but, I am an avid reader of you, Mark. You bring concise and accurate updated information to my quiet, yet updatable life every day (except when you go on vacation). Please keep it up, and thanks for all you do whether here or elsewhere. I live for the Reds; hope you continue to bring them to me as bright and as wonderful as you do. Don’t stop !


I agree with the other comments. The 3 stars are fun to read and give me a feel of what happened in the game beyond just the box score. I’m also a hockey fan, so that may be part of it as well. Either way, I don’t comment, but I read your blog daily. Even if you didn’t really give any other post-game wrap up, the 3 stars were always something I’d want to read.

I’ve actually been looking for your 3 star blogs the past couple of days! I don’t think they are redundant.

I really did enjoy the 3 star blogs, I hope they are back soon.!!

One more vote for the 3 stars. I actually agree with everyone else. I have enjoyed them and hope you will reconsider and continue. Thanks!

LOVE the three stars! Bring them back!

I enjoy the three stars as well! I check the blog after every game. Its nice to have the informed perspective.

Mark, I LOVE your blog and I really enjoy your 3 stars! I read all of your work on but I especially like the blog because it includes your opinions. When something particularly crazy happens in a game I can’t wait to see what you have to say about it. I appreciate the extras that you write about- like what to do in Arizona for spring training. Even though I couldn’t make it to Spring training I found it really interesting and made a mental note to come back to it next year when I can hopefully talk my husband into going! I know it’s taxing to put up with so many tools on twitter, but from a Reds fan for life- Please keep up the awesome blog!

Get the message Mark? Keep the 3 stars coming.🙂

Mark, I don’t know if you need more comments to realize we’d love it if you kept up the 3 stars, but here’s another vote for keeping them! Thank you for all you do to keep us informed about our favorite team.

Just want to say the same as the other readers, don’t quit them please.

Thanks for the comments and appreciation. It does mean a lot. Don’t worry — the blog isn’t going anywhere. That will always be updated. I will mull over the Three Stars thing some more. I just feel it could be done better, but I haven’t figured out how yet.

Mark- I love reading your blog. I look forward to three star segments after the games. I really feel like it gives me insight when I am unable to watch the games. As previously stated, the box score only says so much! Thanks for all of your hard work!

A bit late to the party, but I too would hate to see the “three star” segments put out to pasture. And, while I’m at it, I really enjoy your comments and bi-play with Marty on the 2nd inning segments.

Mark, I love you 3 stars! Unfortunetly many of us just took it for granted and should have commented sooner. Plus don’t take the 3 starts away! Thanks for all you do!!

I check in on your blog two or three times a week and like having something to read other than a standard game recap. What about doing a player/coach highlite a few times a week? Not a biography or anything, but some things they’ve been up to with the community or been working on game-wise and their thought on this or that that’s been going on with the team or in the league?
Whatever you decide to do I’m sure I’ll still be a reader. Thx!

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Mark, I’m disappointed that you’re omitting the three stars of the game. I don’t always have time to read your main coverage and the three stars tell me a lot. Coleman R. Walker Lebanon, TN Sent from my iPad


I am an avid daily reader of your blog and have great appreciation of your writing talent and expert insight on the Reds. Perhaps we all need to give you more positive feedback. Keep up the good work because we all appreciate what you do. Thanks, Mark, for a job well done.

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