Votto honored as ‘Face of MLB’

Before Friday’s game, the Reds and MLB Network honored Joey Votto for his being voted on Twitter as the “Face Of MLB” during a contest in Spring Training.

During a TV interview with MLB Network’s Brian Kenny and Harold Reynolds, Votto was quite humble and expressed his gratitude.

“Thank you so much to the fans. I can’t tell you, and I’m being sincere when I say this, it means a tremendous amount to me. Because even if the Bryce Harpers and the Matt Kemps and the big superstars of our game win it in the future, I’ll always be able to say a player from Cincinnati, a player from a Midwest team, a Canadian player born in Toronto, won the Face of Major League Baseball. That was a byproduct of the fans. I can’t take credit for it, but I certainly can show my appreciation. I’m always going to remember this. I can’t wait to receive the award on the field and hear what the fans have to say.”

For the Reds Tweetup held before the game, fans received special Votto “Face of MLB” shirts.


Wow, that’s a very nice fan honor.

What a great interview in the video clip. Votto just reinforces why he is not only worth the dollars for his talent but also for his charisma, attitude and professionalism. Glad he is a red for sure.

Matt…yep. When they define the words: “Class” and “Professional Athlete”, in MLB, they won’t describe the words, they’ll merely put a picture of Votto under the words. I hope we see this guy
in a Reds uniform for many, many years to come; exceeding his current contract.

Charisma? You must be joking!

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