Game 35: vs ATL



Although we are only in early May, the Reds will have another difficult decision regarding CF for next season. Especially is Choo continues to perform so well in nearly every hitting category; his glove isn’t all that bad either. The reason for referencing this issue is the poor performance by Hamilton in AAA; .190/.254/.267/.521 & 17 SB in 29 GM. Seems to me that the Reds should make an attempt for Choo as the guy is surpassing all expectations. The Reds were thought to be thinking of a number of other CFers; Choo was one of the very last choices; maybe availability played a bigger role. Leadoff hitter, huh? Jocketty is a wizard.

I don’t think the Reds are going to be able to come anywhere near what Choo deserves. He’ll be looking for at least $15M per year over 5 years or more. Michael Bourn got a 4 year, $48M contract last off-season and doesn’t have nearly as impressive career numbers as Choo (not to mention Choo’s current hot streak that will likely add to his contract). I hope we can keep him, too, but I’d be afraid that you couldn’t keep him and have a decent pitching staff. We’re already committed to so many players. With larger-market clubs being forced to spend more on salary or pay more in penalties, I think the Reds will be priced out of most splashy free agents for a few years to come.
Luckily we have Jocketty, the wizard, to keep finding guys that out-perform their contracts. He’s been so great as a GM here!
I’ve been worried about Hamilton, too. Everyone acts like being fast just guarantees that he’ll eventually start for the major league team. Speed is great, but if it were the only important attribute, we could just go get a bunch of track stars to play on our team. I hope he pans out, but he certainly has a long way to go. I’ve yet to be convinced that he’ll be next year’s answer to who plays center field.

Yep, but I’d like to think we would at least think it over; Jocketty will imo. We will be letting Bronson go and replace him with Cingrani (I think). He drags down $11.5m per season so Jocketty has some element of flexibility. As for Hamilton, we just let a CF go that had speed, could steal bases, but couldn’t hit. Seems as though Hamilton beat up all the pitching up to and including AA; AAA seems to be a horse of a different color for the kid. With all that said, I feel very comfortable that Jocketty will make the right move for the team, while fielding a terrific team. I think it is safe to say that replacing Stubbs with Choo has shown the team that we need; nah, we have to have, a lead off hitter that has an OBP of .350+…Choo is just spoiling us while showing us that there is little he is not capable of.

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