Off day in Chicago

Greetings from frigid Chicago, where I’m hearing it will be even more frigid on Friday when the Reds open their series with the Cubs at Wrigley.

Sorry for the lack of blog action on Wednesday. I had a plane to catch postgame and some deadlines to meet on non-game stuff. I had to put this here blog on the backburner for a day.

*In my Reds notebook yesterday, I had an item on the now infamous tweets by Jay Bruce on Tuesday night in response to some abuse he was taking. I asked Bruce about it and he did not wish to discuss it further on the record. I felt what he wrote was generally a measured, rational and thoughtful response. But should he have sent it out for the masses to see? No. I don’t think Bruce was wrong to write what he wrote and I liked the fact that he stood up to people who wrote things to him that they would be embarrassed to tell their family, friends, co-workers or bosses about. Yet, it was a no-win situation for the player. I can admit to coming close to taking shots at people on Twitter, but have generally thought better of it after a few moments of contemplation. If someone writes something nasty or calls me a name, I usually just block them and move on.

*Pretty soon, my off day story will be posting. The Reds are pretty lucky to be 15-14 in my mind. I think it could be worse considering how subpar the hitting as been and how banged up they’ve been. I know it’s a different year and there is one less team in the division, but through 29 games of 2012, they were also 15-14. It just tells me that there is a long way to go still.

*Is anybody making the trip from Cincinnati for the series? As I noted at the top, dress warm and layer it up. You will be a hearty soul in my book after spending nine innings in the seats.

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Mark, with Leake and Cingrani scheduled to pitch the next two days, do you think Leake is feeling extra pressure to perform? I see that Cueto will begin rehab starts soon so a roster move will be required in the next two weeks, right? From my point of view, Leake is a valued member of the staff but if Cingrani continues at his current pace (a BIG IF, I realize) it could become difficult to send him back down. Do you feel like a move of Leake is the most likely option, either to the bullpen or AAA, are they certain to send Cingrani back down regardless of his performance, or do you think they’ll move someone else?
Do you think that management views Cingrani’s success as a little beginner’s luck – that is, do they feel like the league will figure him out in the next few weeks once everyone’s seen enough film on him? If that’s the case, then I could understand sending him back down, even with a sub-2 ERA.
That brings up another question that I’ve had for a long time: Just how much scouting material is there on guys that move up from AAA? Are their pitching and hitting tendencies already well-documented or do teams wait until they’ve made their major league debuts to start to figure them out?

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