Latos scoreless streak alive

Here are the Three Stars from a Reds 2-1 win over the Cardinals on Monday night. Click here for the full story on

No. 3 star: Xavier Paul, 0-for-4 with RBI — It’s not often a guy who goes 0-for-4 would be recognized but Paul had a nifty at-bat in the top of the fourth. He’s down 0-2 before going to a 1-2 count and fouling off three pitches to stay alive. His broken bat grounder to shortstop was slow enough to allow Jay Bruce to score. It proved to be the deciding run.

“It’s not always the hit that wins you the game. It was a battle,” Reds manager Dusty Baker said.

No. 2 star: Adam Wainwright, STL, 7 ip, 5 H, 2 ER, 2 BB, 6 K — Wainwright was tough but was behind right away when Shin-Soo hit a leadoff double, went to third on a sac bunt, and scored on a Joey Votto single.

“The first inning, I really only threw one bad pitch,” Wainwright said. “I had a feeling Choo was swinging first pitch and that’s good – that’s a first-pitch out if you execute your pitch. I just didn’t execute it. He put a good swing on me. They played fundamental baseball and got the run home. And Joey Votto, he’s a great hitter. I threw a tough curveball and he hit it over second base.”

No. 1 star: Mat Latos, 6 ip, 5 H, 3 BB, 4 K, 91 pitches/52 strikes. — Latos kept working out of jams as STL was 1-for-7 with RISP against him. He kept finding ways to escape.

“That was the story tonight. Their first runner kept getting on base. We kept getting out of it,” Baker said.

Latos has a streak of 17 scoreless innings, a team best this season.

One thing to keep an eye on: Latos came out because of tightness in his right hip, which was bothered from his first at-bat in the second inning.

“I felt some tightness in my hip after I took a swing,” Latos said. “It just nagged throughout the whole game. I pitched four [more] innings and then really pushed myself that last inning. It was real tight. I wasn’t able to follow through with my leg on the mound. It should be all right. It actually loosened up.”


Latos is a great pick-up! Waht a trade! (I didn’t like it at the time). Checked the Padres site this a.m.: Alonso is batting .275 with a .343 OBA and 6 2B and 1 HR. He’s only made one error. Grandal and Boxberger don’t show up on their stats page. Not with the team, apparently. I can’t remember the 4th player in that deal. (Chris Donorfia is off to a great start, though).

Grandal is serving a 60-game suspension for PEDs. Boxberger is at AAA Tucson. Edinson Volquez is having his worst season ever, so far.

Alonso actually has 2 HRs (even on the SDP site), for whatever that’s worth.

That was a great game for Latos in their park. I think he really needed that to get out of that mental slump there. He was worth every penny.

I think he was worth what we gave up and how they are doing right now. But the question is did other teams value what we gave up more than the return for Latos. I have no problem with the trade but still to this day say that we should not have had to throw grandal in that deal. That Alonso, Volquez and Boxberger should have been enough. Grandal should be a piece for another trade or waiting for his turn in the minors. Same as all minor leaguers, you never know what they will do only what other teams value them at. I would not be against trading high on Billy Hamilton either. Odds these kids live up to expectations is low.

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