Arroyo loses tough one

As the St. Louis Blues won a playoff overtime game a few blocks away, here are the Three Stars from a closely contested baseball game as the Cardinals edged the Reds by a 2-1 score. (Click here for the full game story)

No. 3 star: Bronson Arroyo — 7 ip, 6 H, 2 ER, 1 BB, 0 K. — 78 pitches. That’s it. No runners in scoring position. By usual standards, that’s enough to earn a win. But with the offense sputtering of late — not quite.

No. 2 star: Jamie Garcia, STL — 8 ip, 7 H, 1 ER, 0 BB, 3 K, 92 pitches — All Garcia gave up that hurt was a two-out RBI double by Shin-Soo Choo in the fifth inning that scored Derrick Robinson. As you’ll read in the game story, Garcia noted that the Reds were swinging aggressively much of the night.

“That one ball hit by Choo was definitely something you didn’t see much of, which is mistakes up in the zone,” Cardinals manager Mike Matheny said. “He was down and the ball was really running all over the place. You can’t really teach the stuff he has. It’s just different, and it was sharp today.”

No. 1 star: Matt Holliday, STL — 1-for-4, 2-run HR — Holliday smacked a 3-2 Arroyo curveball for a low-line drive home run. It was deceptive in that it didn’t look like it would be high enough originally from up here. Arroyo explains his thinking on the pitch sequence:

“I went 3-0 on three sinkers there and then I threw him three breaking balls in a row,” Arroyo said. “The full count was either going to be a sinker in or another curveball. I thought I’d walk him with the sinker because he hasn’t been fishing for it much. I had to be perfect in there. I picked the choice of going right at him rather than having first and second with one out and [Allen] Craig up and kind of getting into the meat of their order with the crowd coming into play around the sixth or seventh inning like they always do. You take your chances and play the best odds you can. A big strong guy like Matt Holliday sometimes can beat you, which he did.

“He’s just so strong. There’s maybe a handful of guys in this game that can hit the ball out of the ballpark with that low of trajectory. Especially with the wind not blowing out tonight. He’s a beast. He’s 6-4, 6-5, 240. He is solid and swings as hard as anybody in this game. He hit it good.”


*The Reds have scored only 15 runs over their last eight games as they finished April with a 15-13 record.

*Choo is batting .316 (6-for-19) vs. STL This season.

*Garcia is 9-2 lifetime vs. the Reds. They are his most wins vs. any opponent.

*The game lasted only two hours and 15 minutes.


Most everyone pitches around Votto and it has worked. I still say try and pitch around every teams best hitters in these type of circumstances, when a lead is in doubt. Craig has not hit one out yet. Thow the ball they cant hit out of the stands, the sinker. Example you didnt see a fast ball thrown to any of our power hitters in the 9th. They were all split fingers. You cant hit those out of the park. I was thinking right with the Cards on that why throw anything else.

on the good side, I have not found a reason to fault Dusty at all for the past couple of games. He has done everything he can. The reds just need to produce.

well Phillips is leading the league in RBI’s so it isn’t working in that respect. Votto is not the same player he was 2 years ago. He lacks patience, power, and clutch. You can say they are pitching around him but he also needs to make the adjustments as well and stop striking out so much.

It is appearing that this is the year of the pitcher so any starting pitcher this year with an ERA over 4.00 should be considered a liability at this point. Hoping that Cingrani has earned a starting position in our rotation for the remainder of the season, I would hate to see him sent back down. I’d be happy to see him replace either Arroyo or Leake.

I certainly hope don’t take to the drama road and start blaming their losses against good teams on injuries. I’m just waiting for the excuses to start coming.

That was one of the best pitched games I have ever seen Arroyo pitch (1.07 WHIP). It’s a shame our offense has taken ‘hiatuses of RS’ over many of the last several games. We appear to, once again, be flailing away at the plate; something we did a great deal last season.

No clutch hitters.

John Fay/Dusty sum the Reds’ hitting woes up nicely in the following:

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