Games 23-26: at WAS

I am not in Washington for the Reds-Nationals series. Catch you on Monday from St. Louis, where I will pick up the rest of the road trip.

Thanks and have a good weekend.


Friday a.m.: This team needs to re-learn how to win on the road.

The road games have been against very tough competition: St. Louis is back (aren’t they always back!), Washington is probably the most complete and balanced squad in all of the game today, and Pittsburgh is much better than most people think, especially since the calendar still reads well before August. That explains a lot of it. But, in the end, this is NOT the elite team many expected. They have absolutely no offensive chemistry or consistency and, to me, their best stretches a year ago always felt fluky and unrepeatable.

To win as many games as the Reds did last season, I think you have to catch some breaks. I don’t expect them to win as many as they did last year but I do think they’re as close to a complete team as any other in baseball. I’m not sure how you’d measure “offensive chemistry”, but I’d say runs scored is as good a measure as any. Last time I looked, we were still second in the NL in that category!
I think this team is better than it was last year and will likely win 90 games. They’re not hitting right now but I’m not ready to write off last season as a fluke just yet. They’ve faced some good pitching on the road. It happens.

I think their offensive “lack of clutch” (perhaps that is better than the vague word, “chemistry”) is the very reason that they are not a complete team like Washington or Atlanta or San Francisco, just in their own league. And total runs means very little when they come in bunches, as they have early in this season, and don’t come, or hardly ever, at those times when they are most needed and would make wins a more efficient reality. Last year was a fluke only in that July and August spurt. Other than that, the offense was as much in the long doldrums as it is at present. That would suggest that that is what this team ultimately is. So I’m not writing the year off at all. I’m simply saying they remain woefully incomplete!

lots of injuries right now. I dont think you can say what a team is until healthy. I would say if anything we have a very deep team. with all the injuries along with the Votto still finding himself, we are looking pretty good. I would look for this team to stay just above .500 then after the all-star break to really take off and get to about 90 wins if not more.

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