Game 22: vs. CHC



Let’s hope the Reds bats are smokin’ hot tonight ,so Latos “THE STUD” can notch a MUCH DESERVED first win…..

I’m looking forward to Navarro vs. Mesoraco. This should be interesting!

Cozart at #2 still makes no sense

Why? Who do you think should be there?

The short answer is: literally anyone else. Cozart is the weakest batter so far this year and based on career numbers. The ideal lineup for righties would probably be Choo-Votto-Phillips-Bruce-Frazier-Heisey/Paul-Mesoraco-Cozart-Pitcher. If we’re not willing to follow lineup optimization strategies, put Votto at #3 and then flip a coin between Phillips and Frazier for #2 and #5.
Against lefties, I think the only changes need to be bumping Mesoraco up to 5/6 and dropping down Bruce to 5/6. The point is that Cozart is not a strong batter and shouldn’t be getting the second most ABs on the team.

Off topic: Why are folks at the ball park so enamored with those stupid crow calls? Very annoying when watching / listening to a game. I have found myself turning off the radio broadcasts once they begin and I mute the tv once they begin. Why not cheer and yell like normal fans. I seriously doubt that you are effecting the opposing team, so why do it? To annoy folks? Mission achieved on my behalf. Keep up the good work Mark.

I agree with you about being annoyed by the crowing. What’s up with that? Did I miss a memo?

As for “lineup optimization”, I’m glad that Dusty is old-school and puts players in the lineup more by intuition than by straight numbers. Had Ludwick not been injured, I think we’d still be using the opening day lineup and that it was preferable to have BP batting second. Needing someone to fill the 4th spot, Dusty’s decision to move Phillips seems to have worked quite well. If the youngster Cozart doesn’t seem to be progressing after some time, I’m sure Dusty will change things around.

His philosophy seems to be about building young guys’ confidence and letting them know that he’s giving them every chance to succeed. With a smaller market team, I think that’s the right approach: try to maximize the potential of less-experienced players because you can’t afford to have an all-star at every position.

Dusty had the entirety of last season to find out that Cozart is not a top-of-the-order batter. He also had the majority of last year to find out that the youngster Todd Frazier is amazing and should be batting higher than 6th. Realistically, he had all of last year to find out what kind of player Mesoraco would be, but instead showed no confidence in Devin. Why does Cozart keep getting the love and confidence from Dusty when he’s not a good batter, while Frazier gets barely any love despite being great, and Mesoraco getting hate despite being untested? Dusty’s old school way just seems like he picks his favorites and goes with some arbitrary lineup.

I think there was more to the Mesoraco situation than we were told about. Maybe it was his defense that Dusty wasn’t pleased with – who knows? For whatever reason, last year Dusty didn’t play him that much, shut him down early, then had an open competition in the spring for his spot on the roster. This does seem different than the way he handles most situations, and it seems to have worked. I think Mesoraco looks much improved! Another thing that I like about Dusty: he doesn’t air the team’s dirty laundry in the media. He doesn’t tell us much about why a guy isn’t getting playing time. I think players will respect that and want to play for a guy like him.

The howling is ridiculous- a bunch of drunks who probably know very little about the game and care even less. It makes no sense to howl insanely when your team is trying to bat- like the equivalent of waving towels behind the basket when your own team is trying to shoot a free throw. It’s so embarrassing to have fans like that who don’t care at all about what’s happening on the field. The players stated last year that they don’t like it. My kids asked me if birds were fighting at he ballpark while we were watching on tv the other night.

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