Hanigan to DL

The Reds placed C Ryan Hanigan on the 15 day DL with a strained left oblique. That wasn’t the injury I expected since Hanigan has had a sore right thumb.

Corky Miller was called up from Louisville and Nick Masset was moved to 60 day DL.

UPDATE: Dusty Baker explained what happened to Hanigan and how he got hurt. It happened on Friday night.

“He did that on the pitch to [Rob] Brantly when he struck out on a high fastball that Chapman. He went up to get it,” Baker said.

For those keeping track — that’s four players on the disabled list through 18 games — Ludwick, Marshall, Cueto and Hanigan.

“We just have to keep rolling regardless of all these things happening,” Baker said. “Mesoraco is catching better and hitting better. He just has to control the running game. It’s hard to control the running game like Hanigan controlled it.”



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When did he do that? What happened to him?

Probably lifting those heavy TV’s at the recycling event.

Oh, for Pete’s sake. Mark Sheldon is one of the better sources of information about the Reds. Don’t need haters on this blog.

Good thing Mesoraco is playing decent this year. Good ole Corky love watching him wabble the bases. Possibly the slowest player in all of sports any franchise any league any sport. Quite possibly slower than 10 year old table tennis players. He is a good catcher though! Nice to see Votto heating up, Maybe next year his spring training should start in February so he will be hot off the plate.
So this is Arroyo’s last year before turning to free agency? All the more reason to work Cingrani in full time. Reds pitching in the minors look woeful maybe we can get some trades going to fill that area in. I think unless Arroyo gives the Reds a discount that we could not come close to affording his guy. He simply eats innings, has a rubber arm, and he has the hardest to hit 80 mph fastball in all of baseball.

Does Mark Sheldon get paid to do this milktoast blog? Look at the woman who does the cardinals blog. There is some interesting writing. You could get an 8th grader to copy and paste a line-up everyday. Come on mlb.com, don’t reds fans deserve more?

I think a lot of people would agree with you. Look at all that Hal Mccoy does and he’s an old man, he has a chat every home game and answers questions from all comers.

harry and tommy if you dont like it go somewhere else.

Interesting stat on Votto…John Fay writes: “Votto entered Saturday on a pace to walk 243 times. The Reds record for walks in a season is 132 by Joe Morgan in 1975.” And when they pitch to him, he puts the hurt on them.

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I think the two complainers don’t understand the role of what Mark does; he’s a beat writer…one that rolls with the ‘beat’ of the team, and btw, he’s obviously very adept at his craft. As for McCoy, he has followed the Reds for nearly 40 years and is retired. He still has a knack for providing insight (although his sight is nearly gone) as a ‘sports writer’. I, for one, appreciate what Mark brings to the table; if anyone thinks you can obtain this ‘FREE’ information on your own, guess again. Thank you, again Mark, for what you do; I didn’t think it necessary to discuss constant travel and time away from home and family. Your blog and information is invaluable, at minimum…at least to me. Neb

Very well said Neb, very well said. I agree. Mark, this is another reader that appreciates your efforts and thank you for calling out the panic stricken folks.

I have no problem with Mark but if you compare the daily blogs with some of the other websites it does seem as if the Reds are lacking in the information food chain on their beloved Reds compared to say oh the Cardinals, Yankees, Red Sox, that sort of thing. Maybe that is because Cincinnati is a small market (one of the few big cities that are shrinking away) but seeing as how MLB dictates all things equal on the internet and they force feed links to other mlb news on the Reds website then well it doesn’t quite seem fair.

Mark writes good stories on reds.com, not just this blog. This blog is for quick info. If you don’t understand that, then I don’t know what to tell you.

Like I said CurtOU I have nothing against Mark. My complaint (which is not the original feed for this subject) is that MLB forces every team to use the exact same format. Even to using the same wordpress template from the looks of it. Mark is forced to follow a format and I respect his writing, the stories he posts, and his information gathering. It would be nice to see some uniqueness show up and for it to be done coming from the oldest baseball team out there.

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