Game 18: vs. MIA

Looks like Ryan Hanigan’s thumb isn’t doing well today. Dusty Baker waited longer than usual before writing out the lineup because he wanted to see how Hanigan was feeling. Devin Mesoraco starts instead… it’s a rarity for Bronson Arroyo to not have Hanigan as a battery mate.

UPDATE — The last time Arroyo didn’t have Hanigan catching for him was Sept. 27, 2011, vs. the Mets. Mesoraco, a September call-up that year, was behind the plate.



Wow! Mesoraco is catching Arroyo. I think it’s good that they all get matched up some together … but I’m wondering is Hanigan hurt? It’s a good time to work Mesoraco in there more while Ryan is scuffling badly at the plate.

I see … it’s Hanigan’s thumb. This might be best for everyone. Ryan could use some rest and get better … Mesoraco should be catching all our starters at least some of the time and hopefully building trust with them while getting a chance to play more.

Mark – your ‘lineups’ display is outstanding; thanks for your work. Super easy to
review quickly. Neb

bigblue…I think Votto heard us talking about him!?* Choo is still a huge play for the Reds this year (and, hopefully, the next few!).

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