Win streak at 4

If there is ever a week that underscores why getting too depressed over a Reds losing streak or too giddy from a win streak — it’s this one. The team returned home from Pittsburgh in the pits after losing five in a row.

Through four games on the 10-game homestand, they’ve won four-straight. And Thursday’s 11-1 win over the Marlins gave them 22 runs in two games.

“It’s crazy how baseball is,” third baseman Todd Frazier said. “We go through little ruts on the road. We started off so hot. On the road, we don’t do anything. Then we come back and it’s just crazy. And we’re only 15-16 games in. It’s already been a cycle of good and bad. It’s just a matter of keeping that even keel and understanding you can do that if you concentrate.”

The Reds were fortunate to get the Phillies when they were struggling and the Marlins are now 3-13. But they are taking advantage of what’s in front of them, which is mandatory during stretches like this.

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Three stars:

No. 3 star: Shin-Soo Choo, 2-for-4, two runs, one RBI — Choo had the first hit off of Jose Fernandez, a two-out single in the third inning. Choo scored on a wild pitch to Joey Votto and added a RBI double to left field in the four-run fouth. He has reached safely in all 15 games he’s played.

No. 2 star: Todd Frazier, 2-for-3, HR, 2 RBIs — Frazier pounded a 421-foot home run to center field in the sixth to help turn the game into a rout. He leads the club with five homers.

No. 1 star: Tony Cingrani, 5 ip, 5 H, 1 ER, 3 BB, 8 K, 102 pitches/65 strikes. Not bad for a first big league start. Did Cingrani run up his pitch count early and not locate all that well at times? Sure. But he also made pitches when he had to. Miami was 0-for-8 RISP against him.

“He was as good as advertised,” shortstop Zack Cozart said. “We’ve seen him pitch before. He has that fastball. It seems like they never get a good swing on it. They know it’s coming and they can’t really do anything with it. When you have a good fastball, you’re going to be successful. He pitched well.”


*Cozart has a four-game hitting streak after his 2-for-4, two RBI game.

*During the homestand, Reds pitchers have a 1.25 ERA. (5 ER, 36 innings). Opponents are batting .157 in the four games.


No Heisey. Is Heisey the on the way out with Paul, Robinson? Against whom is he playing..lefties??

I agree you can’t get to up or to down on a season until August rolls around. That doesn’t mean there isn’t always room for improvement and I’m guessing the Reds are not liking what they are seeing out of left field so far. Paul looks the best so far if you are asking me. Robinson sure seems to have a lot of potential but does not seem to have a high baseball IQ either on the bases or in the field. For someone with so much speed he doesn’t seem to be have a good sense of running the bases or judging fly balls.
Surprising player on the team so far is Mesoraco. The guy is showing he has some game good for him.
Cingrani really should be in our rotation. Someone has to go to make a hole for him.

Mark, I think you forgot Star 1A…….Teddy Kremer

How many times this year has Votto been a top 3 star?

Votto is really starting to worry me. He still has the plate discipline. But man do his swings look bad. How can you see the ball so well to know if its a strike or a ball but your timing be so far off on your swings.

Votto….280/.526/.400/.926. Pitchers aren’t giving him anything to hit; just nibbling around the edges. Votto has 24 BB, the next NLer has 11 (Wright). On the Reds, Choo is 2nd with 8BB.
Thanks to Votto, Cozart has doubled his average while sitting on ‘dead red’. And, as long as Phillips and Frazier are scalding the ball, we will continue to make the “nibblers” pay.

Choo has been a godsend. What a buy! This team is completely different from last season, when we literally gave up two outs to the top of the lineup. He has one of the oddest, yet contact laden swings I have ever seen in MLB. Everytime I look up the guy is on base; how great is that. Super early, but I wonder if we have enough coin to sign him to a 2-3 year contract…hmmmm.

Choo…3 HR, 4 DBL, 8 RBI, 13 R, .345/.472/.569/1.041.

Choo will likely end up making $15M a year for 6 years or more. I’m not sure the Reds have room for another contract like that after having locked up Votto and BP. The way he’s been playing, I’m hoping they’ll try to keep him around for another year at least! I can’t imagine that Billy Hamilton is going to develop into an OBP monster any time soon. Speed or no speed, he’ll need to stop striking out to make it to the majors, so I’m yet to be convinced that he’ll be the savior that everyone had envisioned. Seeing X. Paul and D. Robinson, it looks like we have other guys that might be able to fill an outfield role in the long-term. It’s easy to find things to like during a win streak, but I am certainly impressed by Paul and Robinson and blown away by Choo.
Keep it up, guys!

Neb you are right they are nibbling with his AB’s. But there have been a couple pitches that he should have hammered and completely missed. I think we are going to start seeing more teams pitch to him now that BP is hitting so well. They are going to start testing Votto more, lets just hope he will be ready because right now he is not 100%. That is for sure.

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