Cingrani for Thursday

The Reds made official that LHP Tony Cingrani will be called up from Triple-A Louisville to start on Thursday vs. the Marlins in Johnny Cueto’s spot. A corresponding 25-man roster move to make room for Cingrani likely won’t be announced until either after Wednesday’s nights game vs. the Phillies, or Thursday morning.

Cingrani was dominant in his three 2013 starts for Louisville: 1-0, 0.00 ERA with 14 1/3 ip, 3 H, 2 BB, 26 K, 1 HBP. His last start on Sunday was cut short after two innings/45 pitches once Cueto was injured and he might be needed. His first start of the year, vs. Toledo, had six hitless innings with 14 strikeouts.

This will be Cingrani’s first big league start but there were three big league relief appearances last season as a September call-up, including one vs. the Marlins on Sept. 15. He pitched 1 1/3 scoreless innings with a walk and three strikeouts.


Exciting! Sorry to see Johnny on the DL, but what an opportunity for Tony. Expecting great things!

Fingers crossed.

Do good so we can drop Mike Leake to the minors…..

OK…now we WILL see how deep our REDS are with pitching…. Awesone opp. for this young man Cigrani….. Go Reds!

They need to drop Leake and keep Tony. But knowing Krusty Baker he will ruin him like he has so many others!

Like he ruined Homer Bailey?

When you say “so many others”, you sound as if you have a long list of pitchers whom Dusty has ruined. Could you produce that list for us? If not, please leave the whining for the board over at the Reds MLB site where you’ll get lost in the crowd. This “Dusty ruins pitchers” bit has been old for a while and has been disproven by more than one person with more knowledge of the game than you likely have.

Dusty Sandusky is trying to ruin Mesoraco

Good to see a Lefty in the rotation!

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Boom Boom Leake, the Human Batting Tee is ready to start tonight. It seems he always gives up dingers at critical times. I think he gets feeling like he can throw that flat 89 mph so called fast ball past people. Mesoraco doesn’t seem able to throw a rope around the kid and stop him from doing that. So, count me among those who want to see Cingrani stay up and Boom Boom sent down.

You were saying?

If Leake has a few more games like this I’ll change my stance. Leake’s future is going to be a pitcher like Arroyo who can often get er done, however, I don’t think any pitcher who allows a .300 batting average should be in the rotation. Cingrani is a much stronger pitcher long term if you ask me. Maybe he will be Bailey’s or Arroyo’s replacement once we fail to resign either of those 2, or if Arroyo just loses it to old age. I don’t see the Reds demoting Leake even though I would like to see them make him our long reliever.

Don’t we have to wait until Cingrani does it against major league pitching to annoint him over Leake who has showed signs of brilliance in the last four years? Heck, I bet most of you have never even see Cingrani start a game. I think the kid will be great, and I hope he is, but cmon, at least wait a couple of games to send him to the Hall of Fame.

And I meant major league hitting. And yes, the Marlins might not be considered major league hitting, ha.

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