No Chapman in 8th

One of the frequently asked questions, especially when situations come up like  Bronson Arroyo giving up a game-tying two out home run to Phillies pinch-hitter Chase Utley in the eighth inning on Monday, is why didn’t Dusty Baker take out the pitcher?

“Bronson is not that easy to know when to take out,” Baker said on Tuesday. “Sometimes he’ll give it up, sometimes he won’t. If you leave him in there and he gives it up, it’s ‘why didn’t you take him out?’ Then if you take him out and the next guy gives it up, it’s ‘why didn’t you leave him in there?’

“He only had 80-some pitches. We were playing at home and [Utley] was pinch-hitting. He’s a great hitter but all he could do was tie up the game. It would be different if he had a chance to win the game because we had the last at-bat. All of that comes into play.”

The Reds don’t currently have left-hander Sean Marshall for eighth-inning situations. They do have lefty Manny Parra. Of course, there is also lefty closer Aroldis Chapman. If he needs to get a lefty out in the eighth, especially during this series, Baker would most consider Sam LeCure.

While Baker admitted he’s mulled over using Chapman for four-out saves, it’s not something he plans to do this early in the season.

“Parra, they’ve had good success off of Parra – [Utley] and Howard. Real good success,” Baker said. “When do you warm [Chapman] up? Do you warm him up at the start of the eighth? That’s what you’d have to do to have him ready at the end the eighth. It’s easy to have somebody loose but you’re going to tire your bullpen out before they even get in the game. It’s easy afterwards.”

The manager is aware there is plenty of second-guessing of his in-game maneuvers.

“I was thinking about that. I wish somebody would tell me before Bronson gives it up,” Baker said.


In 2012 Bronson pitched 6 and 2/3 innings in the 8th inning and gave up 6 ER in those innings. He only clocked one inning of work in the 9th and gave up an earned run.

Those number’s aren’t pretty but it is a small sample size. Bottom line is a manager who plays by the percentages likely pulls him. Dusty is old-school and trusts his judgement more. I like Dusty, but I wish the reds would enter the new era of baseball and encourage Dusty to start playing by the numbers, or find somebody who will.

Here we go again….another (unpaid) expert on “what’ should have been”. They seem to always pop their heads up when a baseball decision doesn’t go completely right. Who’s to say that any reliever should come in last night’s game and pitch to Utley? The Manager is paid a pretty good salary to make that kind of decision and he must. Don’t “pat yourself on the back” when you state ” Dusty should have done this or done that.” Your key words of “should have” leaves like that “rings pretty hollow after the results.”

who used the key words “should have”?

get rid of dusty

get rid of Dusty is another much used statement.

I don’t get it…you sign Broxton to be the closer, then play him for the 8th inning when you decide that Chapman IS your closer for 2013; only to pitch the guy on the 7th for an inning…then don’t pitch the guy until the 14th, one week later. Why not keep the guy sharp? Why the massive gap for a reliever? Tons of talent, yet are they utilized properly? I don’t think so.

I dont like 5 straight fast balls to a fast ball hitter from Arroyo.. Not sure what that was all about. I would have rather him throw those junk pitches around the plate then pitch to Revere with no power. Second choice, bring in the bullpen that has been mis-managed all year. I would almost like to see Dusty more in the game to manage everything. I like it when manager dont just see what happens. I love the hit and runs he does all the time. Would like to see more base stealing instead of wasting aan out with the bunt.

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