I’m not in Pittsburgh

I have this series off. As the Reds play the Pirates, please chat (politely) amongst yourselves.

I’m back on Monday for the homestand.


Mark…I’m guessing THAT was the wrong thing to say.

Monday a.m.: This feels like last year early, where we had to talk ourselves off the ledge. Be honest, when Cueto got hurt didn’t you wish Chapman was a starter and Leake was in Louisville waiting to come up? I did.

You guys need to give up on the whole chapman as a starter nonsense. He doesnt have the tools to ever be an mlb starter. He is a one pitch wonderboy. Now if he can ever throw a curve and a 76 mph changeup then yeah you got something… Again if these spoiled millionaires spent some of their 5 month vacation on training it might happen…. But they are just to busy spending their big bucks on parties. Now i will agree leake is not an mlb starting pitcher. Maybe once his era is over 7 after 3 months maybe someone will listen.

So far this reminds me of 2011, where they think they are still in First place with a 10 game lead to start the season. This team needs someone with energy to get them going.

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