Rough sixth dooms Arroyo

The Reds were 5-1 losers to the Cardinals on Tuesday and have split the first two games of the series. Click here for the full game story on

Three Stars:

No. 3 star: Bronson Arroyo (6 ip, 5 H, 4 ER, 1 BB, 2 K, 1 HR) That’s not the type of line that get recognition…but boy was Arroyo cruising through the first five perfect innings. Of his first 63 pitches, 43 were strikes while the Cardinals had swung and missed only three times. Then it all came apart in the sixth inning with a Daniel Descalso leadoff double and an eventual two-run homer by Matt Adams.

“This is a tough lineup to keep down like that,” Arroyo said. “To be honest with you, I hate being in ballgames when you have a no-hitter and you’re only winning 1-0. I always feel like the guy with the no-no always loses it. I’ve seen that happen so many times, it’s ridiculous.”

No. 2 star: Lance Lynn – STL (6 ip, 4 H, 1 ER, 1 BB, 10 K) Lynn retired his first 10 batters in a row before giving up two singles in the fourth to Zack Cozart and Joey Votto. Brandon Phillips’ sac fly was the lone run. Cozart was a teammate of Lynn’s at Ole Miss.

“We go way back. He’s good,” Cozart said. “He comes right after you. He’s not scared to throw his fastball. That’s what he did tonight. He got ahead and threw a lot of fastballs. He’s a competitor. He obviously out-did us tonight. He pitched well.”

No. 1 star: Matt Adams  – STL (pinch-hit HR in 6th for go-ahead runs) Adams crushed a 68 mph curveball and deposited it into the right field bullpen.

“He was throwing the majority of off-speed all game,” Adams said. “With the tying run at third base, I had a pretty good idea that I was going to get an off-speed pitch sometime during that at-bat.”


*There was an issue in the sixth inning as the visiting dugout and bullpen phones stopped working. Although it seemed like there were two mound visits, Bryan Price was able to come to the mound to signal the bullpen. The crew chief, umpire Jeff Nelson, came over to talk with Dusty Baker as things were going downhill for the Reds.

“That was about the phones. He said we had to go out and signal like that old days,” Baker said.

*As Arroyo looked good in the early innings, he got some nice defensive help. In the bottom of the first, second batter Matt Carpenter skied a fly near the line in left field, where Derrick Robinson’s speed provided a nice running catch. Leading off the fourth, Jon Jay hit a soft bouncer to third base. Todd Frazier had to come in and rush a one-hop throw to Joey Votto at first base for the out. To finish the fifth inning, right fielder Jay Bruce made a diving catch on a Yadier Molina line drive to take away a potential hit.

*We got to see the arm of Shin-Soo Choo on display. During a two-out single to center field by Carlos Beltran scored a run in the sixth, Matt Holliday tried to score a second run. He was nailed at the plate by a perfect Choo throw to Ryan Hanigan.

*Reds batters struck out 14 times on the night.

*Despite batting .250 Votto has reached safely via walk orhit in all eight games this season and 19 of 40 plate appearances


Hey Mark … there was still 2 visits to the mound. I don’t know how everyone missed it. The first visit was when Adams the PH was announced. Price went to the mound to discuss how to pitch him. There was a huge meeting on the mound with Hanigan, Arroyo, Price and at least Cozart. I remember clearly because 3 pitches later … I said to myself …. well whatever he told him didn’t work!🙂 Then several batters later …. there was the phone thing. Then a batter or two later Dusty went to the mound to talk to Arroyo … I was glad he was going to take him out before the game got away … but he didn’t … then I was like well the umpire will MAKE him take him out because it was the second visit but they didn’t and I’m sure the Cardinals were like yeah … leave him in … we’re not going to tell anyone. Unless I completely was in another world there WERE 2 VISITS to the mound. I don’t know how EVERYONE missed it. Even after the game …. everyone missed it … watch the tape it happened …. didn’t it? Someone please tell me I’m not crazy. I know I’m not … I’m 100% sure … I think. 🙂

I saw it too.. I kept saying the same thing. I wish someone would explain exactly what that was all about.

the announcer said the first visit was to check on an injury or some nonesense

There were two non-phone, non-injury visits. I hadn’t remembered it at the time, but went back to a DVD recording and Price definitely visited the mound before the Adams AB. Then Adams homers and the bullpen phone thing happened, which was separate. Then the Baker visit where he got talked out of pulling Bronson. Apparently everyone, including Dusty Baker, forgot about Price’s first visit.

Thank you. I thought I wasn’t crazy!

if you have rewind it and watch it the announcers mention it. Besides who really cares they probably should have pulled him on the first visit anyways.

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