Phillips loves the booing

As you will see once the final version of my game story on is posted, we saw on Monday an example of why the Reds were willing to give up some defense for the offense that Shin-Soo Choo could provide.

Choo made two errors in center field — both on Yadier Molina drives — that scored three runs. But his teammates picked him up and Choo would score the go-ahead run and hit a three-run double in a wild nine-run ninth as the Reds won a 15-4 13-4 game vs. the Cardinals. Like I said, read more about it on

Three Stars:

No. 3 star: Mat Latos (6 ip, 4 H, 4 R, 1 ER, 1 BB, 5 K, 1 WP, 98 pitches/61 strikes — Latos had a 27-pitch first inning and not the greatest stuff but he came through to keep the Cardinals in striking distance while the offense kept pecking away.

“I didn’t have good command early on and it was kind of bugging me,” Latos said. “I was pulling the slider away. I just made an adjustment. Especially against a team like that, those guys are going to get their hits and are going to score their runs. It’s good to be able to go out there with subpar stuff and be able to at least keep the damage to the minimum.”

No. 2 star: Jay Bruce (4-for-5, 1 RBI, 2 runs scored). Bruce is 10-for-21 (.476) in his last four games.

No. 1 star: Brandon Phillips (2-for-5, HR, game-winning RBI double). It was Phillips’ ninth-inning double on a 0-2 Mitchell Boggs pitch that landed on the right-field line and scored Choo with the go-ahead run. Throughout the game, and pregame, Phillips was booed lustily by the 47,345 fans at Busch Stadium. They still loathe him for his 2010 comments about the Cardinals. He says keep the boos coming. He revels in it.

“The fans are doing their job,” Phillips said. “They’re supposed to boo me, for the things I said about the organization. I respect them for booing me. But the thing is though, they have to realize I’m the type of person that loves that [stuff]. I love it. They don’t realize they’re throwing gas on the fire. I feed off of that. They’re one of the best fans in baseball, they really are. For them to keep on booing me like that, it’s letting me know they’re dreaming about me at night.”


*The Reds do Opening Day like no other but if they have a rival in the pageantry and well-produced pre-games to the opener,it’s the Cardinals. St. Louis had its home opener and from the Budweiser Clydesdales to each member of the team arriving on the backs of a truck, it’s pretty good. The best part of all was the moving tribute to the one Cardinals great that was really missing — the late Stan Musial. There was a video tribute and the Musial children and grandchildren unveiled a No. 6 tribute on the left field wall — which is a replica of the patch the Cardinals will wear on their sleeves in 2013.

Yes, Phillips was quite impressed.

“The atmosphere here was nice,” Phillips said. “I loved everything that they did here. They had the legends out there. They did the tribute for Stan the Man. …. It was beautiful.”


This team has the same comeback heart as last year’s. And it has something last year’s didn’t – a real leadoff hitter. I know Joey’s not hitting, but look at the pitches he gets. Hell, his second time up i the ninth last night, the pitcher was still nibbling. Brandon’s got to hit for Joey to get pitched to. And he is, so Joey will be fine. Interesting stat on the TV broadcast yesterday – nine times since 1903 a team has gotten nine runs in an inning one game and given up nine in an inning the next game. St Louis got nine in an inning on Sunday.

Phillips is such a class guy. He really gets it. I mean he knows he is their villian just like Molina is our villian. I think he is great for the rivalry and the game.

Did Hiesey ever say why he made that off the plate slide at home? Did he think the bases were loaded?

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