Game 3 vs LAA



Any idea about Dusty’s logic on keeping Frazier down in the lineup? My inclination would have been to put him at 4 or 2 after Ludwick’s injury.

Can’t have an inexperienced hitter with a hole in his swing behind Votto, they would never pitch to Joey. Phillips is our best protection for Votto on our roster, not even a debate.

There’s a lot of evidence that protection doesn’t exist. Even if it does, there’s no one else on the Reds that can give it because there’s such a big drop off from him to anyone else. But, we need people batting at #2 and #4, and each is important. #2 needs to get on base for Votto to drive in, and #4 needs to drive in Votto and whatever else is left. If Frazier’s 2012 is indicative of the type of batter he is, then he is a better batter and slugger than both Phillips and Heisey. Even if you insist on putting Phillips at #4 (fine, but I disagree with that decision), I still don’t understand why Heisey is batting #2. I’m a huge fan of all three players, but I’m also a fan of lineup optimization. Given that, I don’t understand why we’re insisting on taking at bats away from Frazier

I’m wondering how often Mesoraco will play this year. I like Hanigan and I know we are playing to win it all this year but if Mesoraco is the future I’m wondering how he gets any better playing 1-2 times a week. Plus if Hanigan catches too much he usually gets worn dow somewhere in the middle of the season. I know it’s only the third game but Dusty usually matches up his starting pitcher with the same catcher every time … so I was just wondering out loud.

Mez catches Bailey and Leake, just like last year.

Probably, but didn’t Homer pitch his best at then end of the year when Hanigan was catching him? I’m not sure but that’s what I remember off the top of my head. I know Hanigan caught his no hitter.

No way you bat Frazier 4th… Dusty has the best line up I can see right now. I love the line up. On Mez, I would love to see Dusty pinch hit him more. I know he is the back up catcher but how many times does the catcher go down to injury. A pinch hit in the 8th or 9th should not be a big deal. I just think it would help hiim a lot.

I can’t argue with that but Dusty hates to use his back-up catcher or back-up ss until he has to. It is just how he has always operated and I don’t think that will change at this stage of his career.🙂 This is why I was thinking the Reds would keep Olivo and send Mez down to play every day in AAA. I guess Mez’s spring changed those plans but I just hope he is able to get better with only playing a couple of games a week. We’ll see.

Jay Bruce is the key to this offense. He will be up with runners on all year long. I always get the feeling he’s trying so hard that he’s so uptight he doesn’t perform. I just wish he could learn to relax and focus on putting a good swing on a good pitch to hit. He obviously has the talent … I just think the problem is in his head. Somehow he needs to get past this problem. He’s one of the main guys we count on to produce runs!

I was thinking the same thing after watching this game. He came up a hitter and became a power bat. I just dont understand how someone can completely lose that hitters touch. I have watched a lot of kids through the years do the same. Everyone loves the long ball…

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