Return of the three stars

What a marathon day for the opener. The Reds were on the short end in a 3-1 defeat to the Angels after 13 innings during a four-hour, 45 minute game. Click here for my game story on

The Three Stars:

No. 3 star: Johnny Cueto: 7 ip, 3 H, 1 ER, 2 BB, 9 K, 1 HR. Cueto retired his first 10 of 11 in the game with the one bad pitch being to Chris Ianetta for a third-inning homer to left field. He recovered nicely, even after appearing to be injured in the fourth while covering first base. In the seventh, he wormed out of a bases loaded jam with a pair of strikeouts to Ianetta and Shuck.

No. 2 star: Shin-Soo Choo: 2-for-5, HBP, one run scored. The Reds didn’t do a good job picking up in scoring situations, but Choo did his part in his debut. This could be a nice omen going forward.

“Choo was outstanding today,” Reds manager Dusty Baker said. “That’s what we brought him here for. He played a very good game.”

No. 1 star: Chris Ianetta (LAA): 2-for-6, HR, 3 RBIs. Ianetta also worked a 3-2 count against J.J. Hoover in the 13th with the bases loaded and two outs and got a scorched lined two-run single. It was the game-winner.

“I definitely was excited,” Ianetta said. “I wanted to do something good, I want to contribute. Even though I may not do something at the plate, I’m contributing when I’m catching. But I want to contribute offensively, as well, and getting the opportunity to do that was fun.”

Quick notes:

*The Reds were 0-for-10 RISP and stranded 10. The Angels weren’t much better as they were 1-for-8 RISP with 12 LOB.

*Ryan Ludwick’s right shoulder dislocation is a big blow, even with the very solid Chris Heisey as a replacement. But here’s a good question — while Ludwick is out, does Choo move to left field and Heisey play center field? As for the 25-man roster replacement — I’ll predict Derrick Robinson, who will have to be added to the 40-man roster as well.

*Overall, Choo did OK in center field. He tracked down one ball to deep in the outfield but also got too close to the wall in the 12th on Peter Bourjous’ drive over his head. Bourjous got on with a triple, but was left stranded.

*The crowd of 43,168 was the largest-ever regular season crowd at GABP.

*The Reds are 11-3 in Opening Day extra innings games. The last one was actually on the road in 1990 at Houston. The last homer opener to go extras was in 1988 vs. St. Louis.


Heartbreaker today, but so awesome to have Reds baseball back. Glad to see the 3 stars back as well- I was hoping you’d keep doing them!

3 hits in 13 innings? Seriously? Well at least Dusty made sure all the minor leaguers got enough at bats.

I don’t understand leaving Hoover in there to throw 47 pitches. We still had Marshall, Simon, and Parra in the pen. Oh well, there’s always tomorrow (or in this case Wednesday.)

Some improvement but bases loaded with one out and a fast man at third calls for bunt. Stubbs is gone! GET the run in!

No angst or anything even close – but I’d forgotten how much this team strikes out, and how frustrating it is. Yikes! Get ’em Wednesday!

Dusty ball is back. I refuse to watch him bunt by the book knowing he is taking the bat out Vottos hands as well as Philips. I understand what he was trying to do, but you have to find a way to make sure Votto gets ABs with people on base. Everyone saw and knew what was going to happen. Especially when Ludwich was out and they were left with Heisey.

Well Heisey is going to get lots of playing time now. Maybe he can swing and make contact once in a while. He was once a promising hitter, now he’s this alsoran who complains about how hard it is to play in cold weather. Maybe if he and Cozart would stop trying to pull every pitch down the line they could put the damn ball in play.

I completely agree……Cozart (and I love his defense)………has got to learn how to get the ball up the middle and to the other side when necessary….and QUIT doing everything to left…..and going for home runs only hurts him big time.
………..and don’t talk to me about Dusty’s bunt knowledge…he has none.
Oh well…..go Reds……heal qick Ryan.

Brook Jacoby needs to find another job. He must be the worst batting coach in all of Major League Baseball.

Boy…you got that right…….trade Jacoby for any bat boy or ball girl!

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