Roster predictions

The Reds are still at 34 players as of Thursday morning and have a few more moves to make before April 1 to reach 25. But there are really only two areas unresolved.

My predictions for the remaining spots up for grabs are in bold:


Chapman, Broxton, Marshall, LeCure, Hoover, Parra, Simon

IMO: Alfredo Simon makes the team because not only is he out of options, but because the bullpen needs a long man. J.J. Hoover doesn’t deserve to go after a fantastic spring. He’s earned the spot. As for Manny Parra, he hasn’t had a great spring but the idea of a second LHP is appealing for Dusty Baker. Also, I’ve learned that because he has at least five years of big league service, he has the right to approve being optioned to the Minors. I don’t see that happening, although when someone asked this morning about Parra’s potential role, Baker replied that “he has to make the team first.” So the club might still be thinking this through. Logan Ondrusek really hasn’t had a good spring and has options left. Jose Arredondo is the tricky one. He is out of options and under contract. Perhaps the club could explore a trade. Nick Masset (shoulder) will start the year on the DL. He hasn’t pitched off of a mound yet.


Mesoraco, Hannahan, Heisey, Paul, Burriss

This is somewhat tough to predict. Emmnanuel Burriss started camp hot at the plate and has since slowed down. But he’s looked very good defensively. To me, the job is going to come to both having best skills as shortstop and versatility. While Burriss isn’t as strong as Cesar Izturis at shortstop, he is very good and more versatile at other spots. Jason Donald is the one who is out of options but I think he trails the other two contenders.


If Dusty would use Mesoraco more for pinch hitting I would be ok with either Burriss or Izturis, but I feel that with only Heisey having legit power they need more power off the bench this year.

Based on their track records, I really hope neither Burris nor Izturis make the team. Neither has ever been good, whereas Donald is just entering his prime at 28. It’s more likely that Donald will improve on his replacement-level past performance than either of the two 30-somethings suddenly being able to hit.

As for the bullpen, take a look at Arredondo’s lefty-righty splits. Despite being a RHP, he’s actually been better against lefties than against righties throughout his career. I’m not sure why that’s the case, but I would rather have a RHP who is good against LH batters, than a LHP who isn’t good against anyone.

I also hope that the Reds agree with you with Hoover. He’s been amazing since we got him, and realistically he probably should be looked at as a potential closer-type, rather than an option for AAA.

Who are the other guys not yet cut/released? I can’t seem to find a list anywhere that is current…

We hear there are 34 in camp, 9 cuts to go. I think that was before Olivo was released so it should be down to 8 now.

I know that 3 infielders fighting for 1 spot, so 2 of them will go, we’re down to 6.

Five (Parra, Ondrusek, Simon, Hoover, Arredondo) fighting for 3 spots in the bullpen. Two of them will get cut, we’re down to 4.

I think Masset is one of the 4, that’s just procedural; he has to get put on the DL.

I don’t know who the other 3 are. Derrick Robinson? Does he have a chance over Paul? He seems to have gotten more Spring playing time. Is Corky not sent down yet? I don’t recall hearing that he was. Gallaraga? Am I missing someone?

I think you got most of them! The only other than has not yet been sent down, I believe, is outfielder Denis Phipps. Oh yeah, and comeback pitcher, Mark Prior, though I don’t know if he counts in the 34 total…

Would much rather keep Arredondo than Parra. I miss Bill Bray. 😦

I hope Hoover makes the team. He’s the most consistant of the RH relievers along with Broxton. Ondrusek has really struggled and probably should be sent down until he figures out his issues. With Chapman back in the bullpen, I’m not sure that they need Para. It would be nice to have a 3rd LH but not if he can’t get anyone out. I’d rather just use Arrendondo as the third LH even though he’s RH he gets left handed hitters out. So, the bullpen 7 should be: Chapman, Broxton, Marshall, Hoover, LeCure, Arrendondo & Simon. Did I miss anyone? Ondrusek to minors and Para too if he clears waivers and agrees to go to minors.

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