X-rays negative for Arroyo

For the second day in a row, a Reds starting pitcher was struck by a comebacker by a Rangers hitter. On Saturday, it was Mat Latos that was hit on the left ankle. On Sunday, David Murphy smoked a shot off of Bronson Arroyo’s right hand in the sixth inning. Arroyo looked in pain right away and immediately exited the game.

Like Latos a day earlier, Arroyo was fortunate. X-Rays were negative. The ball hit the outside portion of Arroyo’s hand and not near his middle or index fingers.

“I thought this knuckle had exploded. But none of it is broke,” said Arroyo, who wore a wrap on his hand.

Arroyo is next supposed to pitch on Friday vs. Arizona at Chase Field.

“I’ll pitch,” Arroyo said. “I have some work to do. It’s going to be a few more hours in the training room, contrasting it and taking a few more drugs.”

Arroyo pitched 5 1/3 innings with three earned runs and nine hits with no walks and no strikeouts. He allowed one home run. Jose Arredondo took his place after he exited.

“He hit it right on the screws,” Arroyo said. “My hand was just dangling down and it just squared me up and then ricocheted off of my left forearm and left a mark over there. I knew the game was over for me for the day. If it was the regular season, maybe it’d be a different story. I needed to come get some treatment.

“Luckily my hand was kind of relaxed and my fingers weren’t up. It just hit so hard. I thought for sure this knuckle was shattered. I don’t know if I could pitch like that or not.”

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