Choo: ‘I feel a lot better now’

Reds CF and leadoff hitter Shin-Soo Choo, who hasn’t played in a spring game since March 15 because of back spasms, was not in Friday’s lineup vs. the Dodgers. But Choo has made a lot of progress and could return very soon.

“It’s good,” Choo said. “Yesterday, I did a full schedule of batting practice, shagging in the outfield, running. It was great, no problem. Today, I will do it again and if it feels real good, I think I will play [Saturday].

“In my career, I’m not hurt that much. The first time I felt it, I was worried about it. Twenty-four hours later, I felt great. It’s not really a major injury. I feel a lot better now.”

Choo doesn’t believe he will have any trouble being ready in time for Opening Day.

“If I had this same feeling during the regular season, I could play,” Choo said. “It’s Spring Training and I still have a little more time. I don’t want to make it worse. It’s more important for the season. I want to play every day, 162 games.”


I’m really excited to see Choo play. It will be so great to see what this lineup can do with the top of the order getting on base!

Anyone who thinks Dusty Baker will let him play just because he’s totally healthy again doesn’t know Dusty. See you in a week maybe Choo.

Wow, buddy, you sure called that one…

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