Hamilton update; catching up

I had a brief chat Friday afternoon with Billy Hamilton, who has missed the past several games with mild strain of his left hamstring. It was tweaked a week ago while stealing a base.

Hamilton expects to resume playing on Saturday.

“I’m all right. There’s nothing wrong with it,” Hamilton said.

In 11 games, Hamilton is 2-for-18 (.111) with eight strikeouts this spring. The strikeouts have been a sign of the challenge he faces as he nears the big leagues. But overall, the 22-year-old believed camp has gone as he expected it would.

“Of course, it’s going to be different going from the minor leagues to the big leagues,” Hamilton said. “The stats haven’t been showing what I’ve done really well. As long as you’re learning stuff, it makes Spring Training better. It’s not how you perform all the time. I feel like this Spring Training has been good for me for learning.”

Catching up on other stuff this week:

*Dusty Baker told reporters that he hopes to have a decision on Aroldis Chapman’s status as a starter or closer sooner than later. Chapman will face the Giants at Scottsdale on Saturday while Mike Leake will take on the Brewers in Maryvale.


*Joey Votto is not around the camp as of yet today. His voice can be heard Sunday when Votto appears in the animated series “The Cleveland Show,” which airs Sunday at 8:30 p.m. ET. Jimmy Rollins and David Ortiz are among other big league players that will appear.

*My friend and colleague Alyson Footer had a great story this week on what is sometimes really discussed during manager mound visits. Baker may have the best tale of all inside this piece.


Did you make it to Matt’s Big Breakfast on your day off?

I’m afraid I have not. I’ve hit a few other spots to eat but that wasn’t one of them. Breakfast isn’t my favorite meal of the day.

Elephant in the pitching staff…

…so lemme get this straight, if Baker declares that Chapman is the team closer, what happens to Baker? Or, is this a decision that has already been made by others?

Team n’ Baker sez…bullpen. Team GM/PC sez…SP.

YIKES, 2-for-18 with eight strikeouts. As they say, you can’t steal first.

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