Votto on Canada roster, status TBA

With World Baseball Classic rosters being due Wednesday, Team Canada has added Reds 1B Joey Votto after he was left off of the original provisional roster. But whether Votto actually plays or not in the Classic remains unresolved.

“They’ll put me on the roster and we’ll decide in the future based on what myself and the organization decides,” Votto said on Thursday.

Votto missed 48 games in 2012 when he needed two surgeries to repair torn cartilage in his left knee.

“The games will be able to tell me whether or not I’ll be ready to go,” Votto said. “All of this practicing is just practicing.”

Team Canada will train for the Classic in Goodyear, but Votto will stay with the Reds at least until Canada’s first game.

“Joey is a big boy. Joey knows what’s best for him,” Reds manager Dusty Baker said. “He also knows what’s best for us. He’s been in contact and communication with Walt [Jocketty] and myself. Joey is also a kind of a private dude – he’s not going to tell you. You have ot respect that. He’ll let you know.”

So far at Reds camp — everything has been normal for Votto. He does not wear a brace on his knee and has shown no outward signs of problems.

“I feel very good,” Votto said.

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