It does rain in Goodyear

rain 022013For the first time this year Spring Training, showers will curtail the Reds’ workouts at the complex. Drills on the field are likely wiped out, but there are indoor cages for hitting and a few of the bullpen mounds are covered so pitchers can get some work in.

“It’s a good day to work in the weight room,” Reds manager Dusty Baker said. “It’s a good day for maintenance work. You can always find something to do. It’s not an off day by any means.”

Here are some other quick items:

*The Reds still do not know if Joey Votto and Johnny Cueto will play in the World Baseball Classic. The deadline to finalize rosters is today. It’s unclear when the final rosters will be announced. Because of the event, Spring Training started a week earlier and Cactus League games start earlier — on Friday. The Reds have 37 exhibition games on their schedule, which is more than usual. Someone pointed out that’s essentially an extra week to increase the chance of an injury in camp. Baker, the eternal optimist, looked at from the other side.

“Or it’s a one-seventh chance that someone gets sharp,” Baker said. “Or a guy who is a slow starter gets one more look. Brandon [Phillips] being gone, or whoever may be gone, that’s more AB’s for someone to show us what they’ve got. There’s a plus side to it. I will have to play Brandon more innings to get him ready for the WBC so he doesn’t get hurt. Then I have to play him when he gets back so he and Cozart and whoever the utility guys are together on their exchange for double plays. Guys who haven’t played with Brandon might not know his range going out for fly balls. These are little things that can add to victories or lead to injuries. There are plusses and minuses. It all depends on how long they go.”

Then Baker added… “It will be mighty quiet without Brandon.”

About two seconds later, who could be heard singing outside of the manager’s office but Phillips — right on cue.

“See?” said Baker.

*Speaking of right on cue, Todd Frazier had another one of those cosmic moments on Tuesday that he seeemed to have throughout 2012. The Topps baseball card company dropped off dozens of its 2013 baseball card packs. A representative handed a random pack to Frazier, who opened it up and saw his card leading the stack.

“Bam! A Todd Frazier rookie card right on top,” Frazier said Wednesday morning. “We were laughing our butts off. It was right on cue.”

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Hey, Mark. I have to say thanks for all the blogs and stories that you’re cranking out each day. Keep it up–it’s good stuff!

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