Bailey settles; one-year deal

The Reds and starting pitcher Homer Bailey avoided arbitration when the right-hander was signed to a one-year contract.
Jon Heyman of reported it was a $5.35 million deal. Bailey made $2.4 million last season when he also avoided arbitration.

Bailey filed at $5.8 million, while the club offered $4.75 million. The deal got done on Friday night. Bailey’s hearing was scheduled for Monday.

Reds general manager Walt Jocketty was happy to get all seven of his arbitration cases clear without needing a hearing. The closest to the zero hour was Latos, who agreed to a two-year, $11.5 million deal moments before his hearing started. Jocketty felt this was the toughest arbitratiion group he’s had.

“Absolutely, with the number of guys and the quality of guys,” Jocketty said on Saturday morning. “We had some tough cases.”

Jocketty said “at some point,” the club would revisit trying to sign Bailey to a multi-year contract.

The Reds have not gone to arbitration since defeating Chris Reitsma in 2004.

Bailey, 26, was 13-10 with a 3.68 ERA in a career-high 33 starts in 2012. He also established new career bests in wins, innings (208), strikeouts (168) and quality starts (21) while leading the National League with a 2.32 road ERA.


good deal for both,, i look for improvement from bailey..i hope i’m wrong about latos but he seems stuborn and strong willed on the negative side

I expect Bailey to finally be consistent, I hope he has found his groove. Latos I like, he has major heart and determination. After coming to a team with a championship potential, I think changed Latos’s drive. Cueto, Latos, Bailey is a hell of a 123 punch. Throw in Arroyo and I doubt chapman pans out as a starter. Regardless the reds have a good to excellent rotation.

vote-o-on, lol! You really don’t know much about baseball and pitching. Started watching baseball in 68′ and seem them all. Bob Gibson had two pitches: fastball and slider, hall a famer. Steve Carlton had two pitches: fastball and slider, hall of famer. Roger Clemens had two pitches earlier in his career: fastball and curve. Baseball is a fastball game. You wouldn’t believe how many fastballs they throw. Watch on the internet and you’ll see. Albertin Chapman will be successful because he has dealt with trouble in his life; Cuba, family safety, and nay sayers. He has two ace pitches; fireball, slider; pretty good forkball and work in progress changeup. Notice how he hides the ball very well before delivery. Sixty percent of the hitters can not hit him. Remember the Reds will not win any titles without him as a one or two. Latos doesn’t have the temperment to lead. Bailey half the time pitches like he is scare. Johnny Cueto is the only one they can count on. Don’t let politics cloud your thinking. I know that town with it’s social problems affecting the folks thinking, grewup in Cincy moved to Cali years ago to get away from that poison.

Mangement wouldn’t invest long term in Bailey because of him being inconsistent the five years on the club. They really look at earn runs and quality starts. Two thirds of his starts were very good, could have won maybe 17/18 games, but the hitting wasn’t there. I believe in him, but they gave him a one year deal. The Reds have three blue chip pitchers about a year or two from the bigs. If he don’t use force, take command, he is gone! Latos is a different issue. He just needs to grow, which will come with time an the development of his curveball to keep the hitters from locking in on his fastball. He not afraid, big & strong, cocky and a winner. Mat would also had won 17/18 games, but the support…….. Walt, Dusty, the coaches know that if Abertin is the real deal that we all believe he is……….maybe three four championship!

Hello Dusty, Very good job, but the blessing wasn’t on our side last year. Anyway, I know your a great baseball mind, but I would like to suggest how we can do it concerning our pitchers. Cueto/30 starts; Latos/30 starts; Bailey/28 starts; Arroyo/22 starts; Chapman/26 starts; Leake/13 starts; Cingrani/13 starts. My thinking is, twenty six weeks, so I will try to pitch big AC once a week. Arroyo, business is business, we have to look at these young pitchers and you never have too many lefthanders. Farm Leake early in year, he needs to polish up on somethings but we have to take a good look at him having a one year deal. I think it will do him some good, also the young man could be the real deal in a few years. Cingrani, all he has did is knock them dead in the minors and he is a lefty with a changeup. Leake/Cingrani middle late July call up. It must feel good having a problem of many pitchers!

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