Two year deal for Latos

The Reds and starting pitcher Mat Latos avoided arbitration on Tuesday when the right-hander was signed to a two-year, $11.5 million contract through the 2014 season. It also comes with various award bonuses.

Latos, 25, likely netted a significant raise from the $550,000 he earned in 2012 after being first-time eligible for arbitration.

When numbers were exchanged last month, Latos filed for $4.7 million, while the club’s offer was $4.15 million.

Only Homer Bailey is left among the seven arbitration cases the Reds had from this off-season.


So they signed a 2 year deal that is worth more per year than the amount Latos wanted?

That number was only going up next year, especially if Latos pitches all season like the did the second half of last season. Reds bought themselves cost certainty for another year, as well as the chance to negotiate a long-term contract in 2 years without having poisoned the waters with a nasty arbitration hearing.

Do you know how arbitration works? He would be elligible next year again, and at a higher value. I’m guessing, if he had a similar 2013, probably around $8MM – hence the $11.5MM total.

Yes — Latos will have one more year of arbitration left after the deal expires. I should have mentioned that.

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You have to figure that first year will be somewhere in between what Latos wanted and what the Reds offered. Which means the 2nd year will be in the $6.5M range

and of all the guys going to arbitration this year.. I was hoping they would get something done with Latos the most. He seems to be a very emotional guy and the process could have put a huge strain on his relationship with the organization

The Deal is $4.25 this year and $7.25 in 2014. Smart deal for Latos and Reds, and I am excited to know that he is signed for the next two years. Pitching staff pretty much set for next two years, however nobody signed after the 2014 season.

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