Leake settles with Reds

Four down, three to go for Reds arbitration cases.

Early Wednesday morning, sources told MLB.com that RHP Mike Leake and the Reds agreed to a one-year, $3.06 million contract that avoids arbitration.

During the exchange of numbers last month, Leake filed for $3.5 million, and the Reds had offered $2.65 million. He made $507,00 in 2012.

The Reds have not announced an agreement as of yet.

Shin-Soo Choo, Homer Bailey and Mat Latos are the final three Reds up for arbitration.

Leake, 25, was 8-9 with a 4.58 ERA in 2012 as the Reds’ fifth starter. He made a career-high 30 starts and threw 179 innings.

With Aroldis Chapman poised to join the rotation, Leake’s role seems unsettled heading into camp. He is still vying for a spot in the rotation.


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cut the fella, $3 million for a second rate 5th starter is ludicrous

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Mark, if Leake doesn’t make the rotation, is he priced out of the trade market? Not to be cold-blooded, but the salary and the one-year contract makes him look untradeable to my inexpert eyes. Or is that the wrong way to look at it?

I don’t think it makes him untradeable. It’s only a one year deal and his salary isn’t out of whack from other starters that are comparable. But the bottom line is he isn’t getting dealt any time soon. Chapman’s question marks make having Leake essential right now for depth.

It amazes me how everybody forgets Leake had a great 2011. I believe he led the team in wins. Then he has a so so 2012 and everyone wants rid of him because of all the “prospects” in the minors who haven’t even pitched a game for the Reds.

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