T-Minus 2 weeks

It’s hard to believe how fast this off-season went. In exactly two weeks from today, I will be on a plane(s) to Phoenix and touching ground in Goodyear for Spring Training. Pitchers and catchers report to camp on Feb. 12, in case you forgot.

Yes, I will be stationed in the desert for the entire stretch of camp — minus a few days off here and there. There will be daily stories on MLB.com/Reds.com and blog entries with breaking news, but also items that don’t make it into stories. If I can, I will try to add some photos and other multimedia components to make it even better. If there is anything I haven’t done in the past that you would like to see included on the blog this year, post a comment and I will mull over the suggestions.

Time for links:

Fresh off of the virtual presses: Billy Hamilton was listed as the No. 3 outfield prospect in baseball by MLB.com’s Jonathan Mayo. Click here for the full list.

In case you missed it, I made a couple of stops along Reds Caravan. On Sunday in Hamilton, I asked Homer Bailey about his contract situation and if he’d consider a long term contract with the Reds. I also went to a supersized stop at Nationwide Arena in Columbus on Saturday. Brandon Phillips, who has never missed a caravan since his arrival in Cincinnati, was there.

Meggie Zahneis, our youth reporter, was also working at the Hamilton stop. After a tough winter, Meggie returned to our site with her first story of 2013.

Dodgers manager Don Mattingly reached out to Scott Rolen about playing in Chavez Ravine, reported MLB.com’s Ken Gurnick.

Speaking of Phoenix, I wouldn’t mind having Charles Barkley do the weather forecast on TV everyday while I’m out there. He popped up on TV Sunday night doing the weather.

And on Sports on Earth, Will Leitch finds Super Bowl week to be “super boring.”


I certainly hope all goes well for you this season. While I am a Cardinal Fan I really enjoy your Blog each year and commend you for a good job. It keeps me up to date with a good opponent.
I think your Reds are the Team to Beat this year.

Mark, I would like to see a piece, on the blog or a story, about what the typical training camp day is like for a position player and a pitcher. I think it would give the fans an inside look at the time the players spend in Arizona. Thanks for all you do!

David — I will see what I can do. It’s a good suggestion.

Mark, you asked for a suggestion mine was just a thought but now a suggestion so…I feel like you have quite a bit of time off especially during the offseason, that being said, we as the fans need more news in the offseason because of obvious reasons like for example there is NO BASEBALL! I don’t care if you write a post about the what type of gum BP picked off his shoe on the way to the bus I would read it. We as Reds fans have quite a bit to be excited about this year and we are starving for news. Give it to us…

Josh — I’ve been giving you news and info on the Reds since the day after they were eliminated from the playoffs. On this blog. On Twitter. On MLB.com. On Reds.com

Mark, I’ll be in Goodyear for baseball and sun the first week of March. Would love to see a post or two on local restaurants and other things to do in the area.

Definitely in the works. I do one each February during first few days of camp.

My 7 yr. old son loves following the reds and your blog. He’s counting down the days to training camp, too. He asked to go to training camp. But, decided he’d just wait until he’s a Red.😉

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