Top 10 RF right now: Bruce

I got an email from MLB Network today so I could alert you that the Reds’ Jay Bruce will be featured on their show “Top 10 Right Now: Right Fielders.”

The program will air tonight (Friday) at 10 p.m. ET, on MLB Network.

More from the e-mail:

MLB Network determined its rankings of the top 10 right fielders using “The Shredder,” which uses statistical analysis to measure performance. In addition, renowned author Bill James and MLB Network analyst Eric Byrnes both give their own personal lists of the top 10 right fielders in baseball. The “Top 10 Right Now” series continues each Friday with the top 10 at two new positions, leading up to the “Top 100 Right Now” on February 15.


Thanks for that info, Mark. I’m blessed to have the MLB channel, so I can DVR it. Ain’t technology (and your thoughtfulness) great?

if you want to learn about the reds go to minor league .com doug gray

So I missed the show but have done a little googling to find out that Bruce was 10th on the list, which sounds about right to me. He “just missed” the 2012 list. Last year’s list also had Shin-Soo Choo at #6, and he was #2 behind Ichiro in 2010.

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