The exchange of figures

There were a slew of signings of arbitration eligible players on Friday. No eligible Reds have avoided arbitration since Logan Ondrusek signed on Thursday.

Six players and the Reds exchanged figures. A total of 41 eligible players in MLB remain unsigned.

Homer Bailey filed at $5.8 million. The club offered $4.75 million.

Shin-Soo Choo filed for $8 million. The club countered at 6.75 million.

Chris Heisey is seeking $1.65 million while the Reds offered $1.05 million.

Mat Latos is seeking $4.7 million while he was offered $4.15 million.

Mike Leake is seeking $3.5 million and was countered with $2.65 million.

Alfredo Simon is seeking $1.05 million and the club returned with $750,000.

Negotiations can continue with players. Hearings are slated from Feb. 4-20.

**numbers courtesy of the Associated Press.


They all look relative close with their figures. Choo has the largest gap, but it’s probably in line in percentage of difference. Looking at the figures i would think the Reds should settle with all players. Choo could go to arbitration however, because the Reds won’t have him next year and because of that they may be firm in their offer.

I’ve always been a fan of the game, but never really paid much attention to the behind-the-scenes stuff. The Choo offer confuses me. Why trade for a player that they’ll have for one year and have to negotiate with before the season even starts? I’m not saying that the Reds shouldn’t have, I simply don’t understand the process. Shouldn’t the Reds have him for what he was making when they traded for him?

Choo’s contract expired after last season but he is still under club control for one more year before he can be a free agent. The Reds were certainly aware there would be a raise through this process. Cleveland also kicked in cash in the trade to offset Choo’s cost to the Reds.

I was unaware of that. Thank you for explaining.

I have stayed away but I can’t help but have to have my say on this. It is illegal, a travesty of justice that the baseball union imposes this insanity on baseball teams. They signed Choo for a set price. If they can’t have him for that set price the trade should be voided. If I bought an IPAD just for example, and all of a sudden the demand became higher does that mean Apple gets to charge me more after I purchased the device? A player is a tool, a product just like a device …. purchased to get a certain job done so don’t bother telling me it isn’t the same. It is. The baseball union just like teacher unions do very little to protect the industry they are in. They do everything they can to overinflate the value of players and therefore forcing teams like the Reds to raise ticket prices. This is crap and why I will never again go to another baseball game. It is no longer worth the value. Try taking your wife and three kids to a game and buy them food while you are there. You can’t get out of the gate without forking out 3 or 4 hundred dollars for half decent seats as it is. Dismantle the unions, let the players strike. With american unemployment and wages dropping left and right it is sickening how much more baseball players are making this year over last. No decency or respect for the common man and it is a system that I will no longer support or pay into. I can spend my money better in other venues.

You clearly don’t understand what you’re talking about. We have arbitration so that teams can control players longer, not the other way around. They didn’t “sign Choo for a set price”…there was NO price. The Reds knew what they were getting into.

The baseball union doesn’t protect their industry? Just in the last six years, we’ve had a lockout in the NBA, NFL, and twice in the NHL. Baseball has set revenue records each of the last two seasons.

3 or 4 hundred dollars for seats? Give me a break, what do you have, 10 kids? You can sit 5 rows behind the dugouts at a Reds game for $45 a ticket. Go spend your money in other venues – leave baseball to those of us who actually like the game.


These financial straightjackets and time limitations were among the prominent reasons that I thought the trade was a mistake, along with losing the defense of Stubbs and Gregorius.

This trade is a good trade Denny. You and I always see the big picture on stuff like this, but on this one I have to disagree with you. Getting Choo for a year, with some money, is better than having Stubbs out there for one more year before Hamilton. I was always a Stubbs guy, but it’s just over with him, time to move on. We can fork up a couple more million this year, I mean who cares, it’s not my money.

To Curt:
What bothers me about the trade is not missing Stubbs at the plate (I think we all had had enough of that), not even missing his defense and what that meant for the pitching staff, but the fact that we anticipate replacing his superlative defense with a clunker of a glove. If that weren’t enough by itself, I hated losing Gregorius, one of the slickest fielders I’ve ever seen come on the scene. And all of this for one year, in all probability. The “big picture” view, I think, would say this stinks!

To Denny: I hear ya. Choo isn’t a clunker, he’s just not Stubbs. And it’s funny how you always hear that the Reds have the smallest park, and that Stubbs covers more ground than anyone in center. Well, if we don’t have as much room to cover, then why do we need a guy like Stubbs out there. I’m just saying that I’m not going to judge it as bad until I personally see the lost steps out there. And I’m not commenting on Gregorious, to me he’s just another Rey Olmedo or something.

You still play half your games in bigger venues, some a lot bigger! And I think in center, Choo will be a clunker. He was never all that in right for Cleveland, especially in coverage and in getting good jumps.

I am surprised at the Latos offer! I’d sign him for what he is asking right now!

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