28 days

Good Monday morning all…28 days until pitchers and catchers report to Reds Spring Training.

I wish I had scads of Reds news to deliver this morning but as Jamie Ramsey noted last week, these are the barren weeks of the off-season where any writer and blogger (and in my case both) needs to really earn their page views and clicks by coming up with content….any content. I will be making some phone calls and texts to see what’s going on but for now…I will just provide some quick links.

Over at MLBTradeRumors.com, they evaluate Mat Latos’ potential haul from the arbitration process. The writer believed it was possible that Latos could set a new record in one-year contract salary for first-time arbitration eligibles.

Team Canada unveiled its provisional roster for the World Baseball Classic over the weekend. As I tweeted on Saturday, Joey Votto is not on the roster, yet. According to reports out of Canada, his omission has to do with insurance signed off because of his left knee injury last season.

Last week, Brandon Phillips tweeted his excitement about being contacts by WBC Team USA manager Joe Torre. Some more player names are surfacing as members of the American squad.

By the way, the World Baseball Classic rosters will be announced Thursday on MLB Network.

In a cool story from my colleague Corey Brock in San Diego, Padres Minor Leaguers are making ends meet in the off-season by getting “regular” jobs.

And finally after the lockout ended, the NHL revealed its 2013 regular season schedule. If nothing else, it means the chance to take in some Phoenix Coyotes games during Spring Training. If you’re making a trip out this year to see the Reds, it wouldn’t be a bad evening diversion.


Question, sir. Why the push to make Chapman a starter? From what I read, he really loved being the closer.

Jeff Greer Ringgold

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He loved being the closer, yes. But he also would like to be a starter. The Reds would like to see if they can mine the No. 1 or No. 2 starter they expected when they signed him in 2010. Also IMO, there’s a chance that a regular pitching schedule might be healthier for him than working 3-5 days a week as a closer.

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