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Until December 17, I will be taking some time off and not updating the blog, or tweeting. There should be some news to discuss this week, namely the official announcement of Ryan Ludwick’s new deal with the Reds pending the passing of his physical. The team is also talking to backup infielder Jack Hannahan and seeking a leadoff hitter.

This and any other breaking Reds news will be covered and posted on and

Read about there and discuss it online either here or there. Just please, keep it civil and avoid the name calling, etc.

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Ok Mark have a Great Week off. Richard Sherman

Have a good week. Can we call the Dodgers all sorts of names? I have plenty of expletives at the ready. How about Bud for even allowing such insane spending? Plenty of expletives at the ready for him as well. I think my point has ben made. Enjoy your time off and Go Reds!!!

I’d be OK with Signng Hannahan at a low price, only because he hits left handed which is nice to help balance the bench

if the Yankees resign Ichiro and Ibanez they will be an extremely left handed team. I wonder if there is any chance at all they’d be willing to consider trading Gardner to the Reds? With Stubbs and maybe Gregorious going the other way? Jeter is 38

Its not bad play. Though I wonder who would be better to send and if the Reds include Cozart instead of Gregorious. I feel like Gregorious has more upside and is a lot younger.

who cares

I think the Chu for Stubbs trade would be (will be? is?) great! Solves the lead off problem. Votto had 58 extra base hits last year and 53 RBI. The Reds have got to get baserunners on in front of him. Chu isn’t the perfect solution, but the Reds can’t afford whoever is, without giving up untouchable pitching. . Meanwhile, this may be the best thing that could have happened to Stubbs. New place, new manager, new batting coach, new fans. He may blossom in Cleveland, and if he does, that still won’t mean this was (would have been? is?) a bad trade. You go, Walt! Make it happen.

My main beef is with the additional loss of Gregorius, who is going to be something else, for ONLY a one-year rental. One who can’t patrol centerfield as well with anything close to the mastery we’ve become accustomed to. The much-vaunted pitching staff will be crying for a Stubbs’ return before mid-season.

What a great day to be a Reds fan!

Let the ticket buying begin!

I love getting Choo and the money. So basically we swapped Choo for Didi and Sold Stubbs for 3.5 Mil. Not a bad play. So they are basically spending 7 mil on Stubbs and we are spending about 4 to 5 depending on Arbitration for Choo. I liked Didi a lot and hope that does not come back to bite us. Indians got a lot more value for Didi than we did by trading him from Choo…

oh and dont forget we get the 1st round pick with a qualifying offer. With the way the reds are drafting that is huge…

Sounds like it’s a done deal. That the case? I’m away from a radio

well, adding the three former Indians , Choo, Donald, and Free agent Hannahan leaves the reds with only needed another lefty for the pen to be a very balances team, the Phillies are looking for a fith starter and have a bunch of lefties for the pen.. Bastardo, Horst, Valdez, Savery, and Diekman. What about Leake for Bastardo (or one of them) and a solid prospect?

wow.. I can’t type today, but you get the idea I hope

So if Rolen is coming back then why in the world did we just drop 2 mil for Hannahan. Rolen is a better fielder with more power with the same batting average and OBP.

because Rolen can’t be counted on to be healthy for more than 2 weeks at a time. And Hannahan gives them a LH bat off the bench

Who’s the backup shortstop? Ditto 2B?

Hannahan plays third, short, and first. Donald plays third, short, & second, and has played a little outfield.

So, are we agreed on the line-up (at least against an RHP): Choo CF, Phillips 2B, Votto 1B, Ludwick LF, Bruce RF, Frazier 3B, Cozart SS, Catcher, Pitcher?

Meanwhile, it will be strange for Stubbs the first day at Spring Training – he’ll go to the same complex and make a left instead of a right to get to the clubhouse.

Donald, Choo, and Hannahan will do the same thing, same complex. Ya, we can agree on the lineup, but why not Phillips at leadoff? He gets on, it opens up a hole on the right side for Choo, plus Choo would get great pitching in front of Votto. I know you can’t hit two lefties in a row because the baseball Gods will strike down Dusty, but that is the only thing I would at least consider when looking at the lineup.

the reds have the chance to be a great team,however they really need an excellent starter ie… kyle loyse, a free agent, who was 16-3 last year for the cardinals .it would be money well spent vs arroyo kind of money. When are top starter when down in the playoffs this past year,all bets were off please mr castellini

We have one of the top three pitching staffs in baseball. That would be one of the dumbest moves possible.

follow up to previous comments, all you have to do is look at san francisco and see what great pitching will do for you

The news that the Reds open against an American League club is disgusting. I haven’t watched American League teams (except in the World Series) since 1973 (thanks to the DH) and now they are forcing it down our throats by stealing opening day. This is a sad day for baseball (which only the NL plays). MLB has been driving me away with interleague play. Now I will get to watch or listen to even fewer Reds “baseball” games. I dropped my AL team back then, and it looks like baseball in general may be on the endangered species list.

Regarding leadoff batters, Curt – I’m guessing Dusty will flip-flop Choo and Phillips (phillips against a LHP). But that’s a guess (based on Choo’s struggles against lefties), and my past guesses haven’t panned out even 50-50.

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