Votto’s knee making progress

I will have much more in a story for MLB.com/Reds.com, but a bearded 1B Joey Votto was talking about his improving left knee during his appearance at Redsfest.

Votto says the twice surgically repaired knee isn’t 100 percent and he isn’t doing baseball activity yet, but he was quite pleased with his progress.

“When I first got injured, I didn’t anticipate it taking this long,” Votto said. “But I feel like I’ve made tremendous improvement over the last month. I struggled before, initially after the surgery, to crouch down even. I had too much swelling, not enough mobility in the joint, too much pain. Now I’m to the point where I can sit on the back of my heels, do a full squat. I can do all kinds of crouching. My strength is not at 100 percent yet, but it’s getting there. I can run at full speed, do jumping and do a lot of strength work. As far as improving, it’s been a great deal.”

Canada won’t like this but Votto hasn’t yet committed to representing his country in this spring’s World Baseball Classic.

“I’m not going to play in the WBC if I’m not 100 percent,” Votto said. “My priority to be at 100 percent for the Cincinnati Reds and hopefully at last we can win a World Series.”


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Most people probably did not understand what Joey was going through upon his return, manifested in his lack of power, RBI’s, etc. It was nice to hear a more graphic explanation of his condition then and now. Tx Mark!

Don’t worry about the WBC, Joey! I’m from Canada and I agree, getting 100% healthy for next season with the Reds is far more important than some tournament.

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