Ludwick contemplating offer

It was another quiet Winter Meetings for the Reds this week. Here’s an update however. My main wrap will be on shortly.

*A two-year offer remains on the table to OF Ryan Ludwick.

“The agent said he spoke to Ryan last night and he’s still contemplating some things I guess,” Reds general manager Walt Jocketty said.

The issue is not the length of the contract. But with all of the money being thrown around this week, especially at outfielders, things have gotten more complicated.

“It’s affecting a lot of things,” Jocketty said.

*I’ve heard the Reds are not the frontrunners among the teams vying for infielder Jack Hannahan. If I hear anything on that, or anything, I will keep you posted.


I felt bad for not knowing who Jack Hannahan was… until I looked him up. I’d imagine that the Reds would only want a man with his talents as a backup infielder, but apparently someone is offering him a starting/platoon job. You don’t think that would be Cincinnati, do you? Wouldn’t make much sense to me.

Got to sign Ludwick–he is a winner-albeit a streak hitter but so is Jay bruce

i’m not sure you can call ludwick as big of a streak hitter as jay bruce. ludwick got hot halfway through the year and remained hot until the end of the season. comparing previous couple of seasons can be seen as a mental issue with ludwick hitting in a pitcher-friendly ballpark. i think he is at least a .270 hitter capable of much more, and he proved that this past season.

I am becoming more content with signing Ludwick and being done. I like the team and most of these options arent worth the money or prospects.

I think that ludwick signing or not is the linchpin of the entire reds offseason. If he signs the reds can use assets to get a lead off hitter and maybe a pitcher. If he doesn’t they have to use them to plug the gap in the middle of the order he will leave.

If Ludwick doesnt sign then make an offer for Stanton that Florida cant refuse…

Nice Pipe Dream Bigblu

I know, but if the Reds and other teams can pry a young talented pitcher then why cant the same thing be done with a power hitter. Maybe the power hitters will be traded away next year. Last year was the year of the pitcher trades, this is apparently the year of leadoff hitters in trades. This is just weird.

If Ludwick doesn’t stay, we boo him next year.

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Wow I really dont want Fowler and I am hoping that this is just speculations… I think he is extremely overrated with his Coors stats. he would be a slow Drew Stubbs in GAP. And I hope more than anything Walt holds on to his top four pitchers (Cueto, Latos, Bailey, and Arroyo)which is the best pitching group in baseball right now.

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