About two leadoff guys

As the Reds have had little luck in talks about leadoff hitters, I’ve gotten several questions this week about Red Sox CF Jacoby Ellsbury.

I would say that the chances of Boston moving Ellsbury are slim, especially if they don’t go after Josh Hamilton. Red Sox GM Ben Cherington told reporters as much today.

According to Tim Britton of the Providence Journal, trading Ellsbury is “not our intent,” said Cherington. “We’re expecting him to have a good year in 2013 and be a big part of what we’re doing.”

Ellsbury agent Scott Boras held court with reporters and was asked if a “sign and trade” was doable.

“I do what Jacoby Ellsbury tells me to do,” Boras said. “And I think Jacoby is at this point focused on playing in Boston and seeing where things go after this year. I’m sure Ben and I will be talking about his contract here in January, and until we’re told otherwise, that’s the focus of it.”

Boras was also asked a lot about Michael Bourn, whom he viewed as a “franchise guy.”

“I think there are a number of teams that feel Michael Bourn is the centerpiece of what they want to do,” Boras said. “Atlanta was not a playoff team until he got there in ’12. They weren’t in ’11. A lot of teams have come to me and said they viewed him as the core of the Atlanta team. So I think Michael’s… being a quality leadoff hitter, having speed, and just having the defensive dominance. For a pitching staff to gain that many more outs, it just enhances the investment you made in your pitching. And it also provides for the core of the lineup, that guy who’s just constantly on second base and gives them the ability to score more runs. He’s really a key guy for success.”

More from Boras on Bourn:

“I think that the value of a player, to me, is represented upon his standing among his peers. So when you take out the metrics of the game, the performance, the great thing about Michael is that his consistency is greater than all. His defensive acumen, there’s just a huge separation between him and every other player at that position. And offensively, he provides the leadoff spot. I think if you have center field, you have leadoff, and your 3-4-5 hitter, there aren’t many of those in the game. Those all add premiums to him that most of the other players in this market don’t have.”

**My translation for the Reds: Bourn’s price is too high for them.


I agree with your translation. The only metrics Mr. Boras won’t take out are the $$$. The Red Sox now have two centerfielders, don’t they? I would think the Victorino signing makes Ellsbury expendable. Apparently that’s not so. How do you divvy up them and Gomes in the Fenway outfield.

Victorino currently slated to play RF for Boston.

Well. We lost out on who I felt was our best candidate for leadoff now that Ben Revere signed with the Phillies.

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