Reds talking with Ludwick

It’s been rather quiet on the Reds fron on Tuesday at the Winter Meetings…with one exception.

Talks with free agent OF Ryan Ludwick continued in the morning and there could be more upcoming. The two sides aren’t far apart.

“We met with them this morning. We’re waiting to see what their response is to our offer,” Reds general manager Walt Jocketty said. “I think we’re in the ballpark.”

Jocketty appears to be holding firm at not going longer than a two-year contract.

“I think they understand that,” he said.

There is still belief a deal can be reached here in Nashville.

“I would hope so. We just need some certainty going forward with the rest of our roster,” Jocketty said.

Other quick items:

*The Reds are not after leadoff hitter Shane Victorino. Reports out of Boston say the Reds Sox are the front runner with a three-year, $38 million offer.

*There have been Reds-D-backs talks as Arizona is reportedly looking to move outfielders like Gerardo Parra and Jason Kubel. I can’t see the Reds being able to afford Justin Upton. Jocketty said there was no match, thus far for anybody there.

*There are plans for the Reds to see if RHPs Homer Bailey and Mat Latos would be open to multi-year contracts. Both pitchers are eligible for arbitration.


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Things appear to be going well with the Ludwick conversation and the effort to get multi year contracts with Latos and Bailey seems promising in getting these 3 under contract including extensions. All that is left are the arbitration cases and the lead off outfielder. It would appear that Gregorius may be a bench shortstop. It would seem the Reds are going to need 2 bench players. I hope they are with .260 BA or higher. I would think that an outstanding effort by Hamilton in the Spring Season would earn him the center field job. I know it’s been said that he needs some more time in the minors before he hits the majors. There have been players that weren’t suppose to jump into the majors and their achievements in spring training did just that. Stranger things have happened unless the decision to keep him in the minors is a firm decision.

I could not ask for better results than what Walt is producing. Who would you rather spend you money on. Victorino 3/39 mil or Latos 4 or 5 yrs for about 45 mil. The money that is being overspent here for these free agents is insane. That is how teams get in trouble. Heck I think we would have been fine without Braxton too. We could have used that money somewhere. lets draft sign our own and make valuable trades. Who care about free agents anymore.

Free agents are just used to fill holes. Which is how the Reds do it. I like it.

Does the radio silence coming from the meetings regarding the Reds today, mean they have something going on and they are not announcing it yet? I figured we would have heard something about the Ludwick progress by now.

could we be doing a Ellsbury trade soon? Lets hope so…

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