Reds haven’t pursued Fowler, Crisp

With leadoff options dwindling both in free agency and trade markets, the Reds are still looking. Two often speculated trade candidates have been Rockies CF Dexter Fowler and A’s CF Coco Crisp. It doesn’t appear that it’s close happening.

“We really haven’t talked to either club if that’s any indication,” Reds general manager Walt Jocketty said. “I’m not sure Colorado is moving Fowler.”

*Speculation before the meetings thought Fowler for Homer Bailey would be a match.

“They have never brought Bailey’s name up to me, never,” Jocketty said.

Jocketty has gotten inquiries about Reds pitchers but he has made it known he’s not looking to trade starting pitching.

*The Reds have a meeting set for Tuesday morning with LF Ryan Ludwick’s agent. Manager Dusty Baker discussed the idea of Ludwick returning.

“We have an offer on the table,” Baker said. “But he’s a free agent, and he’s weighing his options even though he wants to come back here first. I’m hoping that we get it done.”

“I think if we’re going to sign him, we could do it this week,” Jocketty said. “His agent is pretty up front. We’ve had a good relationship. We’ll see where he stands.”

*Joey Votto told the club that he and his surgically repaired left knee are doing well.

“I talked to him last week and again today. He’s feel great,” Jocketty said. “He’s good. He just got back from Jay’s wedding.”

*Johnny Cueto, who hurt his oblique in Game 1 of the NLDS, was checked out in the Dominican Republic by someone on the Reds medical staff and has fully recovered from his injury. He’s not in pitching shape as of yet, but it’s still early.

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Doesn’t seem like we are looking too hard for a lead off bat.

Jocketty is the man at not letting out information. I love it.

Way to go Jocketty. If everyone else wants to act like they all have gold for players then let them think that at the bottom of the standing. The Reds at the top can just continue with who they have and win. I have no problem with this. This is a solid club that will continue to win with or without a leadoff hitter.

I seen where Granderson is being offered in NY.. Sounds a little steep I know at $15 mil this year for him, but think about what the Yankees need…, a ss (Which we’ve got a good crop of talented ones to offer), and we would get a player who is LH power bat that hits 40plus homers a year, and with our short porch in right, he could hit 50 hr for us, and drive in rbis, and thus take care of our proven power outfielder bat that we’ve been looking for, and can play centerfield or left field, and can steal 20-30 plus bases a year, and still is fairly young, and we could get the Yankees to send some cash along with him in a trade so it could help with payroll. It would be for all the marbles this year to make it to the world series! Also, why aren’t we getting Justin Upton? He is going to take a lot to get, but we could do it, and get a guy that would be here for years to come, and be our cf & make him in the cleanup spot, with JV, and JB around him… man we would have a imposing batting order to say the least! Why is Walt bs’ing around, and not getting the Upton’s, Swisher’s, Granderson’s, etc that are still out there to provide us with the leadoff and rbi positions that we need? I just think him & Dusty is made for each other, and neither one will make up their minds unless Bob tells them to, because he’s afraid of spending a little money to get us to the playoffs(World series this time, or at least the NLCS!). As the saying goes, it takes money to make money…, and we would reap the attendance & apparel rewards by bringing the big names in here, and get rewarded with a BIG TV contract next year too.

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