Phipps, Negron non-tendered

The Reds non-tendered outfielder Denis Phipps and utility player Kris Negron, but did make contract offers to all seven of their arbitration-eligible players. Friday at 11:59 p.m. ET was the deadline for Major League clubs to offer 2013 contracts to unsigned players on the 40-man roster.

According to the Reds, both Phipps and Negron agreed to terms on Minor League contracts and were offered invites to big league camp at Spring Training as non-roster players.

With Phipps and Negron taken off, the Reds 40-man roster now sits at 38 players.


Avoiding arbitration seems to me to be very positive for both parties

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The important number here is 2. As in how many roster spots are available.

that makes me think free agent signing over a trade. Thank goodness. Lets just sign Siezemore or Victorino. We need to keep this minor league system strong to help fill in the gaps. Most of this team is thru our minor league system.

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