Pitching situation: Now what?

Now that the Reds have Jonathan Broxton available to be the closer and Aroldis Chapman seemingly headed to the rotation, the Reds definitely have a surplus of young starting pitching. No doubt, general manager Walt Jocketty will get enticed with offers to fill other needs (namely the leadoff spot) by including one or more of these pitchers.

Most directly affected, of course, is 2012 fifth starter Mike Leake. But waiting in the wings are top-tier prospects like RHP Daniel Corcino and LHP Tony Cingrani. Before assuming any of these guys are getting traded, remember that it never hurts to have rotation depth. The Reds may have gotten through a whole season with all five of their starters healthy, but that is usually the exception and not the rule.

Don’t forget that Bronson Arroyo is headed into the last year of his contract.

While I support the idea of Chapman starting, don’t forget no one knows how many innings his arm can handle in 2013.

Leake is first-time arbitration eligible but shouldn’t be too expensive to keep around. He can also come off of the bench to hit. Corcino and Cingrani wouldn’t be harmed by more time in the Minors.

Also don’t forget that only a couple of seasons ago that Johnny Cueto and Homer Bailey were both injured during Spring Training and that Edinson Volquez got off to a slow start after visa issues delayed his arrival to camp.

The Reds can only remain competitive long term if they have sound starting pitching. It’s good to have trade chips but it’s not good if they use them all up to trade for a leadoff hitter.


nice to have depth but one will have to be included in a package to fill a need.

With the needs for pitching around the league I would not be in a hurry to give up more than one pitcher to fill the need for a quality leadoff man. That being said if a team were to offer up a sure fire hitter that can fill the leadoff spot then I believe you have to pull the trigger.

Good luck Walt

I wouldn’t mind seeing Leake moved but would not like to see Corcino or Cingrani go. I really don’t think we should pay too much for a top of the lineup CF for one season (hoping Billy will be ready next year).

the Reds have very tradable pieces. (Cozart or Didi), (Heisey or Stubbs, and Leake. All very good players and should command a lot for. Span is not worth anymore than any one of these players by themselves. No one else in the Reds organization needs to be even discussed in trades. If no one wants to deal I am fine with who we have. Pitching wins in the end and the reds have a surplus of pitching. Only way all of these or most of these players go is for a Latos like trade for a young long term CF or LF. What most fans don’t realize is for the first time in a long time we have a lot of MLB ready young talent.

if all these are good players and we should command alot for them then why are the reds looking for a left fielder and a centerfielder in place of those guys? spans mlb resume outdoes all of these guys? a latos like deal would require even better young talent then these guys to get a quality young cf or lf? this is baseball player trading not baseball card trading different rules apply!

i apologize that reply sounded a little rough after i reread it! sorry no meaness intended!🙂

there should be no hurry to trade anyone. why waste solid chips when hamilton is going to answer the leadoff question.

hamilton is a AA prospect as of now playing in a position that is new to him, as of now all hamilton has done is steal a crap load of bases! guess what if he comes up he would be the fastest in the majors! stubbs would be close to second fastest and were throwin him to the trash heap and it be ridiculous to think billy is good as stubbs defensively! point being speed aint gonna make u a automatic problem solving superstar! i get the hype and excitment but he aint played one game here yet.. so why would u think he is the answer a CF much less the answer at leadoff in the majors?

jamie, the same was argued about guys like cueto, bailey, bruce, votto and stubbs, among others. I watched them in the minors and knew they were going to be good players in the bigs. same with hamilton. they wont rush the kid, but theres no doubt he has what it takes to play. the hype and excitement has nothing to do with it. theres nobody that came through the system with more hype attached than homer did. then everybody wanted rid of him. I notice nobody is lumping his name in a package for a “superstar”.

mark i respectfully disagree. to get us over the hump we either need a leadoff hitter to go before joey and bruce or an impact consistant bat to go in between! we invested 200 mill into votto and as of now no one to protect him or consistantly get on ahead of him! example being when stubbs gets on the reds winning % goes up when rolen got on last year reds winning % was high. reds organiztion worked hard and fixed the pitching! but in this blog as well as other replys to my post u seem to down play the need for a leadoff hitter? our best hitters are bp joey and bruce all hitting below leadoff? reds have tried for years to find a leadoff hitter and have yet to find one, do u not think its time to be more aggressive in its importance yet? if trading pitching will get that done and with our core group signed long term lets get that missing peice to put us over the hump!🙂

We will probably have to give up a package of players to fill the leadoff or LF need unless we sign them through free agency. I’m hoping we don’t give up too much. I really don’t want to trade Bailey now that he appears to be on the cusp of really being good. (or is this when his value is at its highest and it’s the perfect time to trade him?) Corcino and Cingrani are really close too and as our other pitchers get too expensive to keep them all … we are going to need to need to have young, good, cheap replacements so I hate to give these guys up too. Cingrani might wind up in the bullpen this year if we don’t sign another quality LH reliever. I don’t mind if we do trade Leake, but I’m not sure what he could bring in return. BTW Mark … I have heard nothing about Joey Votto. How’s he doing? Is he 100% yet? He obviously wasn’t in the playoffs so I would like to hear an update on his health. We need him to be the MVP Joey Votto … not the playing hurt, limping around singles hitting Joey Votto.

Bailey is who others would love to trade for and give a big ransom in return. People our young players are really good. They led us to a division title. If we do anything its a swap of a good young player for another. Aka, Span for Leake or Cozart. Cozart is a young very good fielding SS who can hit for power. A lot of teams would love to have him. Leake is again a young pitcher that can be controlled for many more years. He is the 3rd pitcher on 80% of staffs in baseball. The Reds have one of the top 3 staffs in baseball, that is why people think Leake is so bad. He is very young still….

Leake is terrible. The league batted .290 against him. You call that good? Drew Stubbs would bat .300 if he faced Leake everyday. I will say it right now if Leake and Stubbs are on the roster opening day it will be the only game I watch next year. Not something that I want to endure 2 years in a row.

never span for cozart they can get way more then cozart for him right now, especially when cf is a popular need this year! he is one of the best out there outside of the upton bourne price range!

dale, Leake was .250 last year. Not ready to give up on a first round pick that skipped the minors. Too early. Still worth a lot to many. Now Stubbs has lots of talent but is having too many issues. That ship is sailing fast. I would like someone to replace him if possilbe. But not over paying for it. Stubbs can still play defense but we dont have to bat him leadoff. I would think if anything its time to platoon him or replace him.

i agree with you i would not give up on leake he is first round pick and he still is young, but on the other hand if he would help us in a package to get something of need then im all for it cueto, latos, chapman, and i guess bailey for his apperant change to fans thinking he is an untouchable ace calibur pitcher after a second half of one season. im curious as to what other mlb teams value on stubbs is? i think flordia would be perfect for this guy! they need a cf in a big ballpark. also no pressure i think once stubbs gets outta hear he could be a real good player. stubbs has all the tools but hes a headcase here, no confidance at all and he feels the pressure of the fans riding him! new scenery he will be better not a stud but better, too bad miami dont have much we need, although we could use stanton lol! that would be awesome but just dreaming!

Lets see Stubbs, Leake, Cingrani, Cozart, and Stephenson should net Stanton. That right there is 4 MLB ready starters and an absolute stud ace in a few years. Not sure I make the trade though.

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