Madson on missed time with Reds

As expected and on the day the Reds signed Jonathan Broxton, closer Ryan Madson and the Angels formally signed a one-year incentive-laden contract Wednesday worth a base salary of $3.5 million . My colleague Alden Gonzalez has the details, click here.

The fact that Madson could not fullfill his one-year, $8.5 million contract with the Reds has seemingly once again been a hot button issue on this blog. Folks, that’s baseball and that’s business. Contracts are guaranteed in this game and that’s just the way it is. The Reds, at the time, got a bargain when they signed Madson who slipped through the cracks after a proposed mega-deal with the Phillies collapsed. There are no “givebacks” because he got hurt. That’s not how it works. Everyone had their eyes wide open when entering into this contract. This isn’t the NFL and it really is time to get over it and move on.

Anyway, here is what Madson had to say today about his lost 2012 season and looking ahead to 2013:

“If you know anything about me, you know that I’m a pleaser. I want to please to whatever I need to, in any fashion I can. For me, it’s the baseball field, and I wasn’t able to do that for the Reds. They gave me a great opportunity, just like the Angels have this year, and it just didn’t work out. I was emotional, and I wasn’t even connected with the team yet, it was in Spring Training. It was one of those things where I felt my dedication to the team already and I wasn’t able to act on it. But this year, I’m doing everything I can to not let that happen again. It’s just all about the opportunity now. I don’t really look back on it for anything. I just now look back on it like it was an extended offseason and just put it behind me. That’s how you move forward.”


Boy Madison sure got Rich off of the Reds and did not even pitch That is so sad I believe he faked it because he did not want to play for the Reds anyway. he wanted to stay with the Phillys

I hope youa re trolling

don’t think he is. sad.

Pretty easy words to utter having just walked with $8.5 million. OK, I’m over it. How about asking him how he’d feel about giving back $4.25 million to the Red’s community fund?

I agree how $6 millionof it?

The contract was signed by both the players and the team, fellow readers. These aren’t robots we’re paying money to play for us. The Reds signed the contract knowing full well that this could happen. It’s baseball, it happens. Get excited about Broxton.

I just think if a player gets hurt in Spring Training and don’t even play at all they should not get paid. BaseBall players are over paid any way.

Would you give it back Joe? Good lord some of you people amaze me. GET OVER IT.

ForeverRedsFan not Joe sorry.

What do you mean not Joe?

I agree with you

1) Broxton sucks compared to Chapman
2) Unions are great and awesome until their salaries become so bloated that the product they make becomes out of the price range of the average Joe.
3) With this seasons free agency I can only promise you ticket prices will go up. Blame the owners, blame the players, blame the agents, blame the union.
4) With steroids again rampant, an unequal playing with with franchises such as Los Angeles, New York, and Boston their has never been greater disparity in baseball. You don’t think the Reds are one season away from what the Marlins just did? I do, and the day the Reds do a fire sale and refuse to compete on the free agent market I”m going to be completely done with baseball because I’m not ever going to cheer for one of those other teams mentioned above.
5) You guys are crazy for saying just deal with it. You are a fan, watch the fees skyrocket, I guess if you have a job making over 40K you could care less but most of America doesn’t make that and it is a disgrace that America sits by and keeps pouring money into a sport that doesn’t respect the fan, nor creating a quality competitive product.

Yes I agree with you Broxton does suck. They should have gotten Cordereo or kept him or none of this would have happened. These baseball players make way to much money. They are all over paid.

i would love to know why everyone thinks broxton sucks……the guy was phenomenal! and his career is a good sturdy career as both set-up and closer! also, i sincerely hope that the cordero comment was made sarcastically, as he had one good year with us, left to sign with another team, and SUCKED. he got cut, moved to a different team, and surprisingly still SUCKED. (sarcasm….) Cordero was overpaid and did not perform for the money. let’s seriously get over the fact that we didn’t have madson and that he got paid. for all we know, he could have sucked too. we never know, and it’s not like our bullpen suffered because of it. we still had one of if not the best bullpen in MLB!!!!!

Life is hard enough. I have bigger things to worry about. I just want to enjoy some baseball, football, basketball on my free time. The reds look like they are going to bring winning back for a few years and hopefully we get a Championship to go along with it. Anything we do this offseason is just icing on our 97 win cake…

i kinda look at salaries a lil bit different? overpaid for a game yes, but this is no longer a game its a business, a business so powerful that they can take tax money out of ur check to help fund it! a player is a comodity in a high revenue business! for example if me as player gets “overpaid” like a 20 million a year and that owner makes for numbers purposes 500 million in revenue with me, but only makes 200 million without me then dont you think i deserve a hefty chunk of the owners profits that he makes at my expense? the numbers are only that much because thats the kinda money that flows through pro sports! i know its alot compared to the normal worker but fans pack the stadiums every year buy hats, jersyes etc… its just like any other product people pay 500 bucks for a new iphone that takes probably 25 bucks to make, so its true that the average fan does pay 10 bucks for a beer and 50-60 bucks a seat but they still come and someone still makes money. the only way to change it is having a pay standard or pay by performance and thats not gonna happen! these guys aint takin food off my plate and i enjoy the offseason signing excitement and pretending likes its my money and team, give me fox sports 700 wlw blogs like this,and a recliner all which are basically free and im good!🙂

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