Broxton signs three-year deal

The Reds have re-signed veteran free agent reliever Jonathan Broxton to a three-year contract worth $21 million on Wednesday morning, a source told

The deals carries a $9 million club option and has a limited no-trade clause. If he is traded, it becomes a $22 million contract with a mutual option. Broxton has already passed his physical.

The Reds have not made an announcement about a deal.

More soon…

UPDATE — The Reds announced the deal a short time ago. There will be a conference call with Broxton and Reds assistant GM Bob Miller at 11 a.m. ET.

UPDATE No. 2 — Here is the full story on Broxton, with quotes from the reliever and assistant GM Bob Miller.


Congrats to Broxton! Hopefully the Reds were smart and put a weight limit in that contract that deducts 100K for every pound over 190 so he has some incentive to get in shape.

I don’t care about his weight if he’s as effective as he was last year.

How do you think this affects the Reds’ chances of going out to get a leadoff hitter and/or retaining Ludwick?

Knowing my beloved cheap Reds this is our one “BIG” move this year. We are strapped cash wise. Unless the Reds make a big trade involving Leake, Stubbs, Heisey we’ll have pretty much the same team as last year minus Ludwick and the loss of a lights out closer to one that looks shaky in the legs every time he goes out to pitch.

I’m with you again dp. Sooner or later carrying that extra weight takes a toll on the body, and you end up with a pitcher down with a non-pitching type injury. I’m pulling for him and I hope he can build on his good half season with the Reds last year. Time will tell.

Is being skeptical something that is innately built in for some Reds fans? I’m in agreement on the $$ side of things – if they spent this on Broxton and then don’t have the money for anything else, it’s not the best plan. But instead of acting like he’s a terrible pitcher (he’s proven NOT to be) and that they made a bad decision, give him and the Reds a chance when it counts: when the games are played. Heck, the winter meetings haven’t started yet and you guys are already down on this move.

I think being skeptical comes with the territory when you have one of the poorest baseball cities in MLB. With that said, I’ll try to be more positive. Go Broxton! Congrats to Chapman making the rotation! Congrats to Heisey being our Left Fielder and Stubbs for being our center fielder again. Hope they all have outstanding seasons. Surely this will result in more than 97 wins for us!

I think you have to factor in our comments on the Madson post to see where we’re coming from. This is more a lamenting of the fact that we lost Madson rather than a Johnny Brox bashing. I like what he did for us last year but feel like we’re getting the consolation prize. Factor in that he’s unproven and overweight and I have a hard time getting excited about it. Agree with dp on the lack of production from guys like Heisey and Stubbs, and wonder if the money going to Brox hurts our chances of re-signing Ludwick. Chapman to the rotation? How’s that worked out for us? Being realistic not pessimistic. Plenty of wheeling and dealing to go before opening day, so I hope Mark reports something I can get excited about in the future. This isn’t the news that does it for me.

Which would you rather have: A guy like Victornio or Pagan, or another year or two of Ludwick? I’d rather have that leadoff guy to hit ahead of Brandon, Joey, Frazier and Bruce.

That’s good news! After the Madson fisaco,. Reds can’t afford to go throwing millions down ratholes anymore. And then he goes to the Angels? That kind of thanks sucks.

backloaded contract gives reds a little flexibility for coming year. could still sign ludwick… extend bailey… and finally package leake, heisey and either gregorius or cozart for span. i prefer gregorius goes but i don’t make the big bucks.

I’d be curious to know what it would take to get Span – Heisey + Leake enough? I’ve been hoping they’d find a way to get him since last summer.

Cingrani is the odd man out with Chapman going to the rotation so you might as well toss him in there as well.

Just “toss in” Cingrani?

Just trying to be positive. half you guys rattled me by saving I was to negative. Cingrani is major league ready. He was ready in September but the Reds didn’t want to put anymore mileage on his arm. If the Reds are going to put Chapman in the rotation that leaves them with little wiggle room with this guy. Are they going to send him to AAA to waste away? I don’t see him uprooting Cueto, Arroyo (although he should), Latos, Bailey. Do you? So, for the same of getting something if you can get Span (since once again everybody seems to think Stubbs is a better idea than Hamilton) trade away 6 or 7 players we aren’t going to use and get something of value back out of it.
Our only need coming into the offseason was a lead off man. 97 win season. 1 game short of going to the next series. All we need is a lead off hitter. Hello? Anyone awake at the wheel there in Reds management land?

Gotcha – fair point, though I wouldn’t give up both Cingrani and Leake. I agree – the remaining perceived needs for the Reds include the leadoff spot first and foremost, but also potentially keeping Ludwick, and someone on the bench that can play 1b/3b roles.

our bullpen was good before july when they aquired broxton and thats without madson also! we gave up some minor leaguers to help us last year but now were given up 7 mill a year for him now? what happened to filling a need to get us OVER a hump with that seven mill? maybe this is one move to a line of others to come to make this thing make sense to me. i just dont understand how u can take arguabley the best player at his position in baseball in hopes that he could be good in the rotation! if it aint broke dont fix it the formula won almost 100 games and broxton doesnt put us over the top in the first round of the playoffs!

going to need six starters.especially if you want chapman for post season run so you dont have to shut him down like strasburg. cingrani young and controllable. leake is the odd man out. suprised redmond got major league deal but still behind corcino in pecking order. rolen will be your backup third baseman. he will come back. see if paul or ludwick can spell votto at first.paul extra outfielder unless you get span which makes stubbs a sub. need five outfielders anyway.
leave chapman in extended spring training and save him for 6 weeks or so. five man rotation with cingrani equal to five man with leake so you lose little on paper.

I think Broxton peaked a few years ago and this contract is a bit too much.

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