Madson, we hardly knew thee

Multiple reports, namely from CBS have free agent reliever Ryan Madson close to signing with the Angels to be their closer. Madson, as you know, was with the Reds in 2012 but never threw one pitch in a game. He missed the entire season after he blew out his elbow during Spring Training. After having Tommy John surgery, he did his rehab near his Southern California home under the supervision of the Angels medical staff. Perhaps that was what helped smooth the talks…

Here is more from Angels beat writer Alden Gonzalez.

The need for the Reds to sign Madson lessened as they appear close to re-signing Jonathan Broxton for a multi-year contract to be their closer.


This is one thing that I just hate about sports contracts. Madsen gets a huge paycheck without rewarding a single fan, or management. I do agree he should have been given something, maybe even his full salary but not at the expense of the Reds. There should be either Insurance paid in by the players annually to cover injuries (regular Joe’s call this insurance) so that the burden isn’t on the team, and their should be some form of compensation to a team for losing players due to an injury when they don’t get to play all year (such as an extra draft choice).
Man I wish incentive based contracts would be more popular. Of course the players union hates those, as unions in general love to to ensure that their representatives are paid regardless of performance.

Insurance is available, but the Reds do not typically take out a policy if a player is on a one-year deal even though in this case, there was the mutual option in play. The Reds did not take out insurance on Madson and were on the hook for the $8.5M.

To me this contract is the poster contract that shows everything that is wrong with existing player contracts, the players union, and the general degrading of baseball as a whole. You have a player sign a big contract (good for him he was the smart one in all of this) with no incentives to ever perform. You have no insurances, no devotion/commitment to the team (he even worked out with the team he is about to sign with… isn’t that considered collusion or tampering?),no long term contract with mutual beneficial opt out points.

These guys make so much money it is sickening. How many people in America will earn what he got this year in a lifetime? Forget America what about the world? And he never worked a day on the job that is the kicker. It isn’t sustainable, I think that is what most people don’t seem to realize. Contracts like this long term will kill the sport that plain and simple because if you give money for no work you will be out of a business, I don’t care if you are running a hot dog stand, a car dealership, or a sport team. If you give money away and get nothing back, sooner rather than later, you will be out of business.

1) This is grown up business. Everyone involved enters into the contract with their eyes wide open. These things happen sometimes. 2) It wasn’t like Madson got the contract and then refused to perform. He was INJURED while trying to fulfill it. People at regular jobs get paid if they are injured while on the job. Certainly, it isn’t the millions players get. Madson wasn’t hurt playing hoops or jumping off of a moving motorcycle…he was pitching in camp.

If I made 20,000 or if I made 20,000,000 a year if I only worked one day on the job I wouldn’t expect to get anything certainly not everything. If say I worked on a dock and a package broke my foot. I might get a full paycheck for a few months, but after that the pay would go down down down until I was then forced onto social security.

dp, you make good arguements. Mark is afraid of criticizing management. In an economy like this, he’s gotta protect his job while justifying how things have gone to the fan base.

Not afraid of criticizing anyone. But not sure what there is to criticize on Madson. It was bargain deal that fell in their laps last winter when a 4-year, $40 million deal with another team fell through. Imagine if they were on the hook for that and got nothing? In the end, he got hurt and got paid. It’s the system and everyone involved accepts it. Nothing personal. Time to move on.

Why doesn’t anyone talk about how stupid the Reds front office was in not insisting on a more performance-oriented contract? I don’t fault Madson, except that his lack of thanks to a team that just gave him millions for 0 results sucks and most likely paid for his surgery as well, no? So he can now go once recovered for another club. That’s sick. Was it because Madson would have refused to sign a contract that had incentive-based pay in it? If so, then it seems there was a rat in the woodpile. Signing him without some sort of insurance was a mistake, plain and simple, and those who made the decision were at fault.

Dalepearl, I feel your pain. It seems as though the team forking out boat-loads of $ should get SOMETHING in return. Haven’t we seen similar situations with others, like R. Dempster, B. Moeller, S. Estes, S. Etherton, etc? All due respects to the late Mr. Miller, but this doesn’t seem fair.

Ditto to dp, and I think his frustration is shared by many of us loyal fans. That’s a lot of money going to a guy who never threw a pitch for us, and even though I know it wasn’t his fault nor choice to get hurt, it still stings quite a bit that he takes the money and runs to another team while we’re trying to sign “plan B.” I want to like Johnny Brox, but he’s no (pre-injury) Madson. I’m always leery of a guy carrying that much weight, and think if they sign him long term that we’re eventually going to have another high paid closer not throwing pitches due to injury. I hope he makes me eat these words, but at the moment I’m more concerned with what he’s eating. And I’m really not trying to be mean or insensitive…I just don’t agree with signing professional athletes that aren’t in good shape.

That is right Broxton is a big risk, an unknown. They are going to take Chapman and make him a starter when he had shoulder stress pitching less than 80 innings? Seems like desperation and unneeded considering that we won 97 games and we were 1 game short of going on to the next round. Our bullpen didn’t cost us the playoff it was a lack of available starters. Confusing to me the direction the Reds are going in.

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