‘Serious talks’ with Broxton?

FoxSports.com/MLB Network’s Ken Rosenthal is reporting Monday afternoon that the Reds and free agent reliever Jonathan Broxton are in serious talks about a three-year contract. The story is based info from anonymous sources.

I have calls out to Reds GM Walt Jocketty and BB Abbott, the agent for Broxton. Last season, the reliever earned $4 million on a one-year contract.

By signing Broxton to a long-term deal, the path would be paved for the Reds to move current closer Aroldis Chapman into the rotation — something that they wanted to do in 2011 before injuries crushed the bullpen during Spring Training. If Chapman was unsuccessful in the transition, he could always return to closing and Broxton can go back to setting up for Chapman.

Broxton, 28, was acquired by Cincinnati from the Royals on July 31. Overall in 60 appearances totaling 58 innings, he posted a 2.48 ERA, 56 hits, 17 walks and 45 strikeouts. While Chapman missed 10 days with shoulder fatigue in September, Broxton stepped up and was 4-for-4 in save chances.

**UPDATE — Source told me tonight that talks could move quickly as there is substantial interest on both sides. A deal could be done by the end of the week. Here is my story on MLB.com


If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it! Moving Chappy to the rotation is a mistake. He is shut down as a closer. If 80 IP wore down his arm to the point of a 10 day break, what would 160 do (assuming they treat him with kid gloves and put an innings cap on him)?! Then you would still have to have another starter to fill in his remaining starts!

The move to make Chappy a starter makes no sense. I don’t know why Reds brass are so hung up on making him a starter when his secondary pitches are still average at best. Plus, when you have guys like John Smoltz (who did both close and start), Orel Hersheiser, and others say leave him in the ‘pen, you should listen!

The Rangers tried this with Neftali Feliz and he blew out his elbow and had to have Tommy John. Plus the fact that you are messing with this kid psychologically. “You’re gonna start.” “You’re gonna close.” “You’re gonna start.” Those positions require different demeanor, mental focus, and preparation.

He has the chance to be the next Mariano Rivera and because the Reds signed him as a starter that’s what he’s gonna be. Period. Makes no sense when he is having the success he is and having fun doing, whilst us fans get pumped when he comes in to shut it down. Dumb move.

I think moving Chapman to the rotation is a mistake too. He showed signs of fatigue in the closers role with some diminished velocity and needed extra rest last season. I’d be more in favor of it if we were in desperate need of a starter, but that’s another thing that “ain’t broke” at this point. With a year as the closer under his belt (including playoff experience) I say leave him where he is. I doubt he would last the full season as a starter, so put him where he has a best chance to help out in the post-season.

i disagree. we did not win a world series because a freak injury nto a starter put us behind the 8 ball. giants and tigeres arguably had the two best rotations in the game. if dodgers get greinke… will be approaching same leve. atlanta rotation and nationals near same level.
don’t need your secondary pitches as much as a reliever. does that mean he is incapable? doubtful. slider devastating. teach him a change.
means you are going to need 6 starters. cingrani capable. think you try and package leake, heisey, gregorius for a lead off hitter… centefielder. think that interests the twins.
resign ludwick… paul extra outfielder. i know it is out of comfort zone thinking… but i would leave chapman in extended spring training until june. shutting strasburg down late was psychological blow to nationals. start him in june… 160 innings gets him through october.
what do you think?

my same thoughts exactly… but I would make Gregorius our Starting SS and move Cozart and Leake for a Lead off hitter. Both are good players and no reason someone is worth more than that. That may even be too much to part with. Heisey, Leake, Cozart or Gregorius are players other should package for not the other way around. These are solid young players.

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