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Greetings once again…

You may have noticed a lack of action on the blog the past week. That was because I was on vacation, or staycation actually. I did have a few stories while out on but other than that, I tried to maintain a low profile.

I wanted to catch up on a few things…

*Top prospect Billy Hamilton is OK after slamming into the wall trying to make a catch in the Arizona Fall League championship game on Saturday. Click here to read the story from Jonathan Mayo.

*I wasn’t surprised to see Reds ace Johnny Cueto finish fourth in the NL Cy Young Award race. He didn’t have a very good first part of September and R.A. Dickey seemed to be the runaway choice. But I would like to submit this — if the numbers of Reds hitters are frequently discounted because of playing in GABP, why aren’t Reds pitchers’ numbers weighed more heavily for pitching well there? Cueto gave up very few homers and his ERA at home was almost identical to his ERA on the road.

*You may recall a couple of weeks ago that I did a story on the Reds seeking a closer so Aroldis Chapman could be moved into the rotation. My colleagues Matthew Leach and Jim Duquette debated that topic recently in this video:

*This story I did on Jay Bruce wanting a contract extention garnered a little buzz last week. From talking to the general manager, I don’t expect a lot of movement or negotiating this off-season. But you never know…

*On Tuesday, teams have to set their 40-man roster and protect eligible players from the Rule 5 Draft. I will have that story when we know what the Reds decide. From what I’ve heard, I could envision the club not filling up to the 40-man limit and possibly taking a player this year. No, I have no idea who. The Rule 5 Draft is on Dec. 6, the final day of the Winter Meetings in Nashville.

*Find out all you need to know about Redsfest by clicking here. I will be at the Duke Energy Center covering on Dec. 7-8.


wonder with the payroll starting at an 8 means that the reds will not fill their need for a leadoff hitter in the offseason? i guess with billy hamilton being an untouchable i dont see any prospects that we have that will give you a return impact player to leadoff and do any more then havin bp at leadoff without spending more? although we have no closer and leftfielder as of yet we have less of a bench wich will probably get filled by whos left at the end? MARK, have u heard anything about stubbs and his role if any? was last year his last shot or will he get another crack at it this year just wondering how thin his line was at the end of last year in the organiztions eyes not so much dustys?

Mark, any idea what is taking so long to name a manager for Louisville? I am a Bats season ticket holder and am wondering what is taking so long…..thanks. Bill McDermott

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No idea, but it’s really not a big deal in my mind. Reds didn’t hire their manager for Double-A until December last winter.

Great to have you back Mark, now hopefully some deals happen to keep you real busy LOL

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