Frazier NL’s outstanding rookie

Reds infielder Todd Frazier on Monday earned a MLB Players Choice Award from his peers as he was named the National League’s outstanding rookie winner. Frazier beat out OF Bryce Harper of the Nationals and LHP Wade Miley from the D-backs.

The award was announced on MLB Network at their New Jersey studio and Frazier, a NJ native, was able to accept in person.

The Players Choice Awards have been around since 1992. Balloting is done entirely by the players and were turned in around mid-September.

In 128 games during his first full season in the Majors, the 26-year-old Frazier batted .273 with 19 home runs and 67 RBIs and was among the leaders in several categories among National League rookies.

The NL Rookie of the Year voting by the BBWAA is on Monday.

More soon…

UPDATE: Frazier discussed winning the award, and about Hurricane Sandy. The story is posted on and can be read by clicking here.


Is it the writers, managers, or both who vote for the ROY? I should know this, but I don’t!

DEN CAT . . .


I’m really happy for Frazier, and I’m glad they were paying attention to what he did when Votto was out. I love his patience at the plate and think he’s going to continue to get better. And he did it humbly Mr. Harper.


its hard for harper to be humble when his face has been plastered everywhere since he was in high school, the kids super young let him preform on the field but we should give him a break he still is transforming into a man himself! its hard to figure out what is real when ur baseballs greatest thing since sliced bread at 18! if harper was a red, the way he plays the game, we would be in love with this guy!

great job frazier! i hope this guy plays with the same fire next year when the spot is his to loose! although i think bryce harper is more of a star i the making i think frazier could be a great cinsistant player for the reds for years to come, and cincy loves their hustlin good charector guys hes kinda like casey! i wonder who will take a leadership role for cincy next year with rolen being gone? votto talks with numbers but to me he kinda seems like he doesnt want a leadership role! maybe a leadership role is overarated and thats why teams like ours gel together.

Can’t disagree with your comments on Harper, Jamie. Guess my comment was more of a compliment to Frazier and how he carries himself rather than an indictment on Harper.
I think the Reds have a leadership by committee kind of thing going on with guys like Votto, Phillips, Hanigan, and I think even Bruce should start to fulfill the role somewhat. He’s been around long enough and produced long enough to step up. And who knows – they may find another relic on the shelf they can blow the dust off of and put out there to be the clubhouse guy. I personally like our youth movement and think we already have a good structure in place without bringing in another vet.

i agree on the youth movement but i am worried about the teams playoff performance and vets really help in that area. i think the reds most concerning problem is consistancy. for awhile now we’ve had great young talent and great potential but everything about us is streak based! we basically have a rookie in cozart at ss and frazier unproven over time, no left feilder as of now with ludwick having one or two great months other then that not too impressive, no cf as of yet stubbs was another super streaky player, and jay bruce who goes into super slump streak moments also. so that leaves joey and phillips who aint as bad as the others, but then again they take up payroll so they better produce cause they get superstar pay for that! then theirs hanigan who doesnt need to produce offensively to play because of his game calling abilitys. so after all that theirs alot of offensive holes almost at every position which worries me. true were decent on offense standings but its was based on streaks of individual players, reds need atleast one more consistant bat that plays without super high and super lows! wow sorry that was a spew! maybe all mlb teams have players that streak but to me cincy has a huge issue with that. wonder if mark sheldon still reads posts in the offseason id love to get his opinion on whether its just me thinkin that the reds are worse then most others?

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