Hamilton’s nice catch

Reds prospect Billy Hamilton had quite a catch in centerfield at the Arizona Fall League Future Stars game Saturday. Check it out:

Hamilton also had a bunt single that scored a run and created an error and scored a run in game.

Click here for the box score.



Don’t recall Stubbs catching anything quite like that. That guy can really scoot. If he can’t hit worth a darn he just may make a career pinch runner out of this guy. So I say bring him on up say goodbye to Mr. Stubbs or send him back to AAA to learn hitting.

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Sweet catch, Billy! I understand mlb pitching will be more challenging than AA, but c’mon! He’s gotta be able to hit the same as Stubbs, and my guess is probably better. I agree — give him an invite to spring training!

what are the chances the reds could sign jonny gomes if they can not keep ryan ludwick?

Walt and the Reds love to try and find diamonds in the rough (older players looking for a rebound season) and Gomes and Ludwick have already done that so my guess is, they will going looking for another one this off-season.

who might be available?

If they can’t get Ludwick back they will most likely go after Cody Ross or Xavier Nady This is if they go through free agency to fill needs. And, I have been wrong many times before with guessing what Walt will do, but from the top of my head these are the guys I think they would go after if they could not get Ludwick back.

id take a flyer on melky cabrea he plays a position of need, can be lead off hitte,r hes young, been in playoff atmospheres, and his stock is low due to the suspension and he probably wont see a deal with some years to them by many teams, what u guys think, other then that id like to see sizemore if we can get him for next to nothin! what u guys think!

If they could get Sizemore for cheap and if he could stay healthy it would be great, but I really doubt either will happen in 2013.

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