Reds in AFL Rising Stars

Two Reds prospects, CF Billy Hamilton and P Curtis Partch, will be participating in the Arizona Fall League Rising Stars game.

Many fans who are interested in seeing Hamilton play, especially, will have the chance. The 7th annual game will air live on and MLB Network on Saturday at 8 p.m. ET.

Read more about the game and see the complete roster by clicking here.

And to get info on all of the Reds playing in the AFL for Peoria, click here.


I think the Reds will be as good as they were this year if they don’t have Ludwick in left field. I think Heisey will just fine, plus he has better speed, is a little better fielder, will probably hit for a higher average. He may not hit more home runs than Ludwick, but he is capable. This year he was getting the bat on the ball and did. He will undoubtedly strike out as often.X. Paul should make a good backup.

Heisey is not and will not be an everyday player.

He is an upgrade from Stubbs in my opinion and Stubbs is an everyday player.

Nope, not an upgrade.

I don’t know why you say that statistically Heisey is an adequate fielder and a much more consistent hitter. Stubbs I do believe had the worst batting average of any starting everyday position player in all of baseball. I am wondering why Stubbs is not in the AFL myself.

Batting average is one of the most overrated stats in baseball. Ludwicks run production is way more important than Heisey’s average. If they both got 400 at bats and Heisey batted .280 and Ludwick batted .260, do you know how many more hits that would be for Heisey? 8? Yes, 8 dribblers, broken bats, or grounders that he might have beat out. Does that really help the team all that much? Probably not. It’s hard to replace that productions, the Reds need to do what they can to get Ludwick back. If you want to put Heisey in center for Stubbs, I’m fine with that. I was always a Stubbs backer, but I just can’t do it anymore.

Yeah I agree with you Curt. Heisey isn’t better than Ludwick not by a long shot. Ludwick is risky though. I would love us to sign him to a one or two year contract but Ludwick is going to go for a career contract because odds are this is his last chance to get it.

i think for 480k stubbs was a value although he wasnt as good as people expected it .be nice to keep stubbs but having a rookie in frazier and cozart no left fielder no leadoff hitter it would be nice to keep stubbs if we had a more consistant hitting line-up but i dont think we have that luxary! we need a bat and a consistant one at that, whether its avg or a power hitter just some who is cinsistant at something on offense other then watching third strikes! its crazy we crucified dunn for bad defense and we ran him out of town with 40hr and 100rbis ,but now we got great defense and we crucify him for no offense, personally i dont think stubbs saves as many runs as dunn hit for, i think stubbs will be alot better on another team without that first round pick expectation following him around he wasnt the next ricky henderson but he was a good value at 480k?

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