Reds 0-for-6 on GG’s

The Reds had a Major League leading six finalists up for a Rawlings Gold Glove Award on Tuesday.

When it was all said and done, they went 0-for-6. Cincinnati’s finalists were pitcher Bronson Arroyo, first baseman Joey Votto, second baseman Brandon Phillips, shortstop Zack Cozart, center fielder Drew Stubbs and right fielder Jay Bruce. Managers and coaches do the voting.

Here are your National League Gold Glove winners for 2012:

1B Adam LaRoche – Nationals
2B Darwin Barney – Cubs
SS Jimmy Rollins – Phillies
3B Chase Headley – Padres
LF Carlos Gonzalez – Rockies
CF Andrew McCutchen – Pirates
RF Jason Heyward – Braves
C Yadier Molina – Cardinals
P Mark Buehrle – Marlins

Of all of these winners — Barney beating Phillips is a little stunning. Barney had a 141-game errorless streak and a better fielding percentage than Phillips (.997 to .992). But can anyone really say Barney has more range or makes better all around plays than Phillips?

UPDATE — I will stand partially corrected on Barney. As I noted the other day, he was named a Fielding Bible Award winner last week. And that was apparently based largely on his saving 28 runs this season — the most among all MLB second basemen. But as I put on Twitter, Barney has the stats…and I have eyes. I’ve seen both play, obviously Phillips more. He makes the routine and non-routine plays.

UPDATE No. 2: Courtesy of Cubs beat reporter Carrie Muskat, here is Barney on beating out Phillips:

“You don’t expect to pass a guy like Brandon Phillips,” Barney said. “He’s exceptional at what he does. He was the best in the game for a long time, and I can’t sit here and say I’m better than him or anything like that. I had a good season and I think either of us could’ve won it. Fortunately for me, I did. He very easily could have won just as easily as I could.”


there is no standard for the gold glove award, it is a feel good award not backed by any factual information. The word political comes to mind

At least now we can agree that Stubbs is officially not a gold glove winner, he should not have even been nominated. He is good yes but gold glove caliber? Same with Votto he should not have been considered. Phillips and Bruce yeah, I buy that. Maybe even Hanigan as well if throwing out base runners was taken into consideration along with number of passed balls, pitchers performance on days caught, etc…. Like I said it is a political award given to the ones that the manager like the way they dress or dance in front of the press.

This blows my mind. I saw enough of Varney, and like Mark, I too have eyes. He saved more runs because the Cubs pitching allowed more runners on base, etc. I’d like to see how many double plays BP turned simply by bare-handing balls which most second baseman would have used their glove for, only to see the runner beat it out. A lot of what he does goes somewhat unnoticed because he makes it look too easy. Whatever. Let’s hoist the ultimate hardware next season and we’ll forget prior snubs.

shut out

For me, it just gives me another reason to dislike the Cubs. BP is clearly the best all around 2b in the NL. Clearly.

Not a knock on the rest of our guys, but I can see how others beat them out, but not Brandon.

While I agree with most everyone here that BP is better … I didn’t think BP had as good a year defensively (compared to himself) as he has in the past. I remember many times saying … man that was a play he usually makes. Obviously, that’s because we get spoiled watching him every day. I think his nagging injuries earlier in the year were a factor. It’s also hard for me to say hands down so and so is better because we watch our guys play every day and not every other teams guys so in all honesty … it’s hard to really know. I’m guessing we all don’t watch Cubs games like we watch Reds games. (he he he). Also, I’m sure BP’s flamboyant ways rubs some voters the wrong way which is unfortunate but part of life. Jay is also a great defender but he too had some moments this year when we were all like … what happened on that play? Stubbs is generally overrated in my opinion. He gets terrible jumps / reads on balls hit directly at him (in front of him or over his head), negating his speed sometimes. Joey missed too much time and Cozart is a rookie so it’s really hard for him to win. As far as pitcher’s go and winning a gold glove … who knows … we see the other guys maybe a couple times a year so it’s hard to really know. I would say Leake is a better fielder than Arroyo even, but that’s just my opinion. I just hope this adds to the motivation to win the world series next year. Anything short of reaching the world series next year will be a failure of a season in my opinion. There will be immense pressure on the Reds and Dusty … I hope they are up for the challenge!

I dont know if it was just coincidence but I saw Barney make two errors that were not counted as errors (once against the Reds). Once in the only time I watched him when not playing the Reds. I think errors can be a joke depending on who is scoring them. At least in these two times, home field advantage did not want Barney to stop his scoreless streak. If the home team wont score an error you have a good chance of having a good defensive year

That is totally true. Official scorers are not consistant at all!

Barney benefits big time from the Cubs overshifting, which inflates his UZR and Runs Saved figure.

At least with 2B, Barney is also an outstanding defensive player so it’s not like Phillips is losing to a scrub. Cozart was the real snub; Rollins was probably only the fifth best regular SS in the NL this year. They also blew it in CF, but not because of Stubbs. Bourn clearly deserved it this year.

bp got a six yr deal already no matter how much hardware he gets, bp knows, we know, and they know, and barney knows who the best 2b is in the entire league defensivley nuff said them managers just mad because bp robbed their guys of hits!

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