Price to stay with Reds

Reds pitching coach Bryan Price has withdrawn his name from consideration for the Marlins manager’s job, a person familiar with the situation said on Tuesday.

Price interviewed with Miami on Friday. He will remain on the Reds coaching staff. Price was not available for comment.


good! itd be hard to replace someone like him

Great news for Reds fans.

That’s GREAT news. He’s “one of the best”.

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probably is good news even though Price should man up and take the blame for Cueto in the playoffs as well as Latos collapse.

Dale – you are an idiot.

So Sonny I”m being an idiot for saying that Price gets credit for his 19 wins and not missing a start in the regular season (even though he also pushed for Cueto to get 20 wins even though it was clear to everyone that Cueto needed a shutdown just like Chapman) and then while warming up and Price watching Cueto winces and Price allows him to still go out there a pitch? I thought pitching coaches were supposed to protect the pitchers from injuries also. I guess I am an idiot then Sonny.

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