Marlins interested in Price?

Last night, my colleague in Miami – Joe Frisaro – tweeted that the Marlins had Reds pitching coach Bryan Price “in the mix” to fill their just created managerial vacancy to replace Ozzie Guillen. Frisaro noted however that former Marlins and Twins catcher Mike Redmond appeared to be the front runner. Others have reported that as well.

In other words, Price’s being in the mix still could be a long way from him being seriously considered for the job.

Today on the Marlins site, there is a list of all of the potential candidates — including Price. Click here to read.

I reached out to Price today but haven’t heard back, yet.

Price interviewed for a previous Marlins managerial vacancy before he joined the Reds in 2009. But get used to hearing his name being in the mix for any future managerial openings. The Reds had one of the most successful pitching staffs in the Majors this season. Only the Giants and Reds had all five starters make 30 starts this season and it had only been done a handful of times in MLB history. The last time it happened was on the 2003 Mariners, who just happened to have Price as their pitching coach. Cincinnati also had four starters reach 200 innings and needed a sixth starter only once because of a doubleheader. And while Price has deflected credit to others, the rotation was healthy and handled very well to hold up for the entire season. The bullpen led the Majors in relievers’ team ERA. He’s also helped develop Johnny Cueto into an ace, turned around Mat Latos’ season this year after early struggles and helped turn Aroldis Chapman into a closer.

Price is only 50 so he’s far from too old to take on a manager’s gig. He’s been very respected and popular with his pitchers since coming to Cincinnati and he was also highly regarded in stops with Arizona and Seattle. While I have no idea how he’d manage the overall game on the field, he’s very smart and he can do the off-the-field stuff extremely well like talking to the media and relating with fans. All of those ingredients make for an attractive managerial candidate.

Once upon a time, pitching coaches seemed to not fare well as managers with Ray Miller being an infamous example in Minnesota and Baltimore in the mid-to-late 1980s, but that perception has certainly changed. Bud Black is a respected skipper in San Diego and John Farrell just rejoined the Red Sox as manager. He was Boston’s popular pitching coach before getting his first manager’s job in Toronto. The Red Sox actually made a trade to get Farrell away from the Blue Jays just a couple of days ago.

If I hear anything new regarding Price, you’ll be made aware…


that would be a big blow to lose him. Especially if we intend to turn Chapman into a starter (which i’m against just for the record). Maybe we could squeeze some money for him to stick around long enough for Baker to retire … maybe pay him the same amount because he sure has earned it.

Couldn’t agree more. Pitching is the name of the game and what gets teams through the playoffs.
Price was an intregal cog in the Big Red Machine. Removing him would cost the team dearly; better to ‘pay him happy’ for two more years and if groomed properly, HE should be the one to take over the team as manager.

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